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Yak goes independent: 2020 and beyond

Yak is back, but it is different. Elizabeth Symington gives you a rundown of what’s happening for Yak this year. 

This year will mark a massive change for Yak Media. Instead of running under UON Student Central we are becoming an independent club at the university. We promise we’ll still be around, things will just be different.

The reason for this transition comes from the changes Yak has faced over the last two years. The way our student community consumes student media is different to what it once was. It’s been a difficult task keeping Yak Media alive and well and it’s because of this that we’ve decided becoming a club will breathe new life into the team and the publication, and save it from going under.

What this means

As a club Yak Media will operate differently; the hierarchical structure will change. Rather than work under UON Student Central Yak will be run completely by volunteers in the UON Student Community. An Executive Committee consisting of an Managing Editor (President), Public Relations Coordinator (Vice President), Financial Officer (Treasurer) and Deputy Managing Editor (Secretary) will run the club/publication. The Editor will be in charge of leading the team into a different but great success.

Yak will still be funded by student central via SSAF funding, however, this will be allocated by the clubs team, rather than the communication team. As a club, we will have more freedom but unfortunately, this freedom comes with some sacrifices while we build Yak back up to what it used to be. For now, we have to say goodbye to YakTV and our print magazine until we can fund the equipment and printing. Essentially, for the next little while, we will be running digitally through our social media channels and website. This may seem sad but there is a chance they’ll come back if you, the student community, support what we do in the coming months.

After our constitution is approved more details about how the club will operate and the new hierarchy will be shared.

How to get involved

Love writing, graphic design, editing, social media, communication and events? Then Yak is the perfect place for you to gain experience while you study. So many of our Yak Alumni have jobs because of the experiences they gained while volunteering – check out our #ISpyAlumni social media campaign for some of our success stories!

To join the team there will now be a membership fee, which will be set at our first meeting of the year. There are also three different memberships to choose from to allow you to participate with Yak as either: a social member, a contributing student, or a contributing alumni.

If you would like to volunteer with Yak and make your mark on our history, email name, student number, degree, and your area(s) of interest to You can volunteer on a regular basis through producing content or planning communication or you can contribute more casually at a level that is decided upon through consultation with the Managing Editor or Public Relations Coordinator.

In the next few weeks, we will be hosting our Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) to vote in the Executive Committee, accept memberships, and become an official club. Stay tuned for more details about the event.


Watch this space UON, big things are coming.

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