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Gig review: Circus Under the Stars – Bliss N Eso

Bliss N Eso gig

Yak Magazine Managing Editor Emily Steele checked out what Aussie hip-hop legends, Bliss N Eso, brought to Newcastle.

Bliss N Eso gig

Image: Bliss N Eso TV

When asked who would like to review the Bliss N Eso concert on the Newcastle foreshore, I instantly found that my diary had magically cleared itself and I was waving my hand around like the smarty pants kid in high school.

After arriving at the concert it became clear that Bliss N Eso have come a long way from having only six people at their show (read about Jaime Jeffery’s interview with Eso here). With a massive crowd, the Australian hip-hop duo were fronted by a local group, Horrorshow and Seth Sentry for an awesome night.

Due to the awfulness of work commitments (couldn’t completely clear that diary), I missed the first two acts, however, I was treated to my first dose of Seth Sentry on that blissful (see what I did there) night.

Everyone who has ever spoken to me knows that I am not in the ‘know’ when it comes to music. I’m very uncool. Like, super uncool. So I hadn’t heard of this Sentry bloke before he took the stage with the roars of the Newcastle crowd.

Needless to say, I was impressed. His vibe and music was very much like Bliss N Eso’s and I could see why they were so pumped to have him as their lead up act. Like the main act, he was carefree and cheeky on stage.

Twelvies, bulking blokes and old hippies alike sung along to some powerful lyrics 

When Bliss N Eso came to play their set (in 100 per cent style, rolling up in a green Kombie which later transformed into DJ ISM’s deck) I was just one of the many squealing girls.

As if the sky gods had known what was happening, the night, which we feared would turn sour with rain, was perfect with enough of a breeze to keep us cool and refreshed.

Bliss N Eso played some old favourites (Addicted, Reflections, Happy in My Hoody) and some new ones from their Circus in the Sky album (Act Your Age, House of Dreams, I Am Somebody) finishing the night with an encore of their massive hit featuring Ceekay Jones, My Life.

They kept the crowd completely seduced, as twelvies, bulking blokes and old hippies alike sung along to some powerful lyrics (“On the brink stop and think I’m telling you dreams don’t cost a thing / I know we all die alone but I feel faith within that cosmic link / I surf the starlight where every wish is worthy / Only happy when you’ve got it often makes you miss the journey).

They captured the moment and I left Newcastle foreshore feeling drunk on music, completely happy and possibly a little high.

I’m not usually a fan of the whole ‘throw yo hands up and bop with us’ thing, but even I have to admit, when everyone got their phones out and swayed from side to side, it looked pretty impressive.

I was impressed from start to end, as their energy just increased from song to song. I’m a big fan of artists that ACTUALLY sound good at their concerts, and they my friends, were amazing. Perfect clarity from all areas of the venue.

Being a Communication student, discourse sadly haunts my every step through life and low and behold weren’t there some sights to be seen on Newcastle foreshore that starry night. Not only was the ‘C Bomb’ thrown around more than I have ever heard, I experienced stupidity at its best and worst.

The girl next to me excitedly proclaimed how beautiful the shooting stars were, which in fact were actually passing bats. I discovered that they make light up shoes for adults (yes, I too wish to know where they can be purchased) and that many feel it to be perfectly acceptable to light up particularly potent joints in a concert crowd.

Owen (Deputy Managing Editor of Yak Magazine and moral supporter on the night) and I were mistaken for poles and a young lady proceeded to grind against us for 20 minutes, only for me to discover she was a fellow (notably in worse condition than I) Kurri kid.

Emily Burley, our lovely Yak Content Coordinator who joined Owen and I after her shift at the bar, was lucky enough to find herself with a very persistent friend who insisted on brushing up against her, staring and whispering in her ear.

There’s only good news to report in regards to all that is Bliss N Eso. They are Aussie hip-hop legends, brilliant performers and a little bit spunky. They captured the moment and I left Newcastle foreshore feeling drunk on music, completely happy and possibly a little high.

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