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Review: My Way Home – Berias Masseque

Emily Burley talks to talented singer-songwriter Berias Masseque about his latest musical offering, My Way Home.


Berias Masseque is a man defined by music. Having moved to Australia to pursue this passion six years ago, the Mozambican-born artist is uniting people and cultures through the power of his songs.

After the success of his first album recorded in Africa in 2007 and released in Australia two years later, Berias returns with the greatly anticipated follow up, My Way Home.

Berias describes My Way Home not as an album, but as an original piece of art. The record, which draws on influences of jazz, Latin, folk, traditional rhythms and contemporary genres, is a message of hope and unity delivered in 11 vibrant tracks.

Written in four languages (he speaks seven), My Way Home chronicles Berias’ life experiences, from growing up in rural Mozambique to his journey to Australia and new life here in Newcastle.

My Way Home is global not only in its themes, but in its production too. The album was a three-year affair, recorded in Australia, South Africa and Mozambique in collaboration with artists from around the globe.

“The first track on the album [title track My Way Home] was written in the aeroplane three years ago when flying home after two years away from my family. When I landed in Mozambique the song was ready so I decided to record it with musicians in Africa, then later I came back and recorded most of the tracks in Newcastle,” Berias said.

“It has been three years of writing and recording with musicians from different parts of the world.”

While the entire album is a success, highlights include upbeat track Kaya and my absolute favourite, Freedom from Fear. With lyrics including ‘joy from my heart, peace from my mind, freedom from fear, I’ll never be the same’ set to an uplifting folk beat, it’s hard not to get caught up the cheer emanating from Berias’ music.

The My Way Home album launch will be held this Friday 26 September at Dungeon Jazz, Adamstown. Tickets are $15 and available for purchase at the door. Come along and enjoy vibrant performances by Berias Masseque and his Afro-Fusion Band, and the Rhythm Connect drummers. Berias promises a night filled with colour, energy, dance and delicious African food.

My Way Home is available for purchase on iTunes now.

WATCH: Berias Masseque – My Way Home

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