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A look at UON’s Disability Support Service

Jasmine Burke finds out about the assistance offered to students with disabilities by the University’s Disability Support Service.


The University of Newcastle’s Disability Support Service offers both practical assistance and advice to students with any disability, whether it be permanent, temporary or illness. The Service aims to assist students whose disability or illness may be causing them difficulties with their studies.

Speaking to Manager of the Disability Support Service, Michelle Vincent, it becomes clear how much support there is already and that activities are underway to further improve the support. Talking of particularly helpful aspects of the Service, Michelle said, “We may be able to assist with transport around the campus via our mobility bus and may be able to issue temporary parking permits, which under specific guidelines may assist students to be able to park close to the various buildings. If a student is having access issues into classrooms or buildings on campus then they may also be able to assist with venue changes.”

The Support Service aims to assist students in meeting the learning requirements of their courses, as well as ensuring they maintain academic independence.

Some other specific services provided include:

  • Advocacy
  • Assessment and examination support
  • Assistance accessing uni (physical and online)
  • In-lecture support (such as note taking)
  • Library support
  • Mobility bus and parking permits
  • Ergonomic furniture loans (such as back supports)
  • Certain technology to assist in learning

If students are experiencing difficulties with their studies because of their disability, they can register with the Disability Support Service.

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