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The Big Q is: What is the Q?

Have you seen the big shiny Rubix Cube in Honeysuckle? We’ve found out it’s much ...
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What Can Students Expect from UON in 2020?

With government restrictions gradually being lifted, Keighley Bradford explores UONs approach to returning to normal.

UON’s Honeysuckle Campus Development: What It Means For All Students

If you are anything like us, the new uni developments are very confusing, what actually ...
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How To Start A Club Or Society

Can’t find your dream club on campus? Make it yourself! Yak shows you how.
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The hippest hippocampus on campus

Since last week, the Yak has been flooded with strange reports of mythical creatures roaming ...

Sexual misconduct on campus: What now, and what next?

A year on from the Universities Australia 'Respect. Now. Always'. report, Claire Ince looks at ...
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eSports at UON: Will we ever have video gamer scholarships?

With eSports becoming more popular, some universities across the world are offering scholarships for eSports ...
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How to dress for uni | Practical fashion at UON

Regretting your outfit halfway through the day because despite being cute as hell it’s the ...
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Exploring UON’s Ourimbah Campus

Yak takes a trip to Ourimbah Campus to show you that you can have fun ...
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What’s new at the UON bars?

Bar on the Hill and Godfrey Tanner bar have recently been revamped so this week ...