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Things I wish I knew when I started uni

The Yaks offer words of wisdom to commencing students.

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If you don’t enrol at the exact time enrolment opens, expect to be at university 9am-5pm everyday. #truerwordshaveneverbeenspoken

Don’t turn up at 9:30am and expect to get a park. Ever.

That you or a friend may fall victim to being ‘paparazzied’ and uploaded to People Sleeping at Newcastle University. Apparently, no one is safe.

You can take your alcoholic beverage from the Tanner Bar out to the Derkenne Courtyard, and sit in a deck chair in the sun having a couple of schooies.

You can bring your cereal bowl and have breakfast at your lecture.

If you have lunch around 2pm in the food court in the Shortland building, you can find half price deals! Also, the NUSA veggie boxes for $15.

Using Endnote can save you A LOT of time while referencing heaps of journals for your assessments.

Stalkerspace is a highly informative lecture resource.

If you’re working on the uni computers, save your work every five minutes.

Don’t leave it until the end of your essay to add your referencing. You’ll literally hate yourself.

Never go to uni without Aerogard. The mosquitoes are lethal!

The AIC building will save your life when it comes to those late night, 2am cramming sessions. They have coffee, chocolate and wifi, and you’re surrounded by other struggling, sleep deprived students.

All of your needs for philosophical wisdom can be found on the walls of a toilet cubical.

Also, for any and all possible puns about grout, look no further than between the tiles on the toilet cubicle walls.

Honestly, just search ‘Neil’s Toolbox’ on Google for all your referencing needs. You can thank me later.

Don’t pay for textbooks you can borrow from the library or find online. If you must purchase books, find them cheaper on the Textbook Exchange.

Pinkies has all the sugar you could ever need to get you through those stressful moments!

When possible, avoid the front entrance of the lecture theatre if you’re entering running late. This will spare you from the stares of a mass of distracted students (and an equally disgruntled lecturer).

If you turn up early to a lecture or tute, YOU CAN GO INSIDE. This isn’t high school anymore.

If you don’t already have a coffee addiction, now’s the time to start one.

I wish I knew that uni kind of sucks in the beginning. But by week nine you have made friends, you start to know what you’re doing, it’s not disgustingly hot anymore, there are less mosquitos around, and lots of people stop attending lectures so it actually becomes possible to get a park. It gets better.

Just do it.


Is there something you wish you’d been let in on when you started uni? Share your advice in the comments below!


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