Creative Writing

Hither comes the thirteenth

Inspired by the superstition that surrounds Friday 13th, Shea Evans presents a tale of terror ...
Lifestyle & Culture

Writing competitions for all!

Got a passion for storytelling and want to win some prizes? Shea Evans has a ...

Catalonian Independence: What you need to know

Shea Evans gives an update on the Catalan struggle for independence.

UON and Fossil Fuels: Can we cut our coal ties?

Shea Evans investigates just how interconnected our university is with the mining sectors and chats ...
Health & WellbeingLifestyle & Culture

Floating in the quiet dark.

Shea Evans visits the Newcastle Float Centre and discovers what sensory deprivation tanks are all ...

An ex-tentboy goes to the circus.

Former circus lackey Shea Evans discovers strange things at the discotheque show Velvet and reflects ...

Judaism at the Newcastle Synagogue

Looking at Judaism in Newcastle, Shea Evans attends a synagogue and interviews the service leader ...