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Top 5 sleeping spots at UoN

Need a nap at uni to get you through the day? Bridie O’Shea has uncovered the top five spots on campus to sneak in some Zzz’s.


It’s no lie. Every Uni student enjoys a good nap. And whether it’s from a bad night sleep or you forgot/didn’t have time/didn’t have any coins for a cup of life-giving elixir –otherwise known as coffee- you may find yourself dozing off at rather inconvenient times throughout the day. Never fear, I’ve got a list of the best places around UoN to get some shut-eye for when the yawns start catching.


Number 5: The sunny, green fields of Callaghan and Ourimbah

Escape the hustle and bustle of student life by having a nap on any patch of grass you can find and let the world just pass on by. Just be mindful that getting out into nature can only mean one thing at Callaghan; MOSQUITOS! Never turn your back on a mosquito. Ever. Instead of tanning lotion, I recommend coming equipped with mozzie repellent and some PawPaw cream.

Comfort level: With a bag to convert into a pillow, this sleeping spot isn’t too shabby. Take notice of the weather though; wet grass stains are a pain to get out of clothes.

Rating: 3 makeshift bag-pillows out of 5 

Alastair Anderberg

UoN student Alastair Anderberg spotted in his natural habitat with an exceptional use of bag-pillow.

Number 4: Bar on the Hill

I have one word for you: beanbags.

Yes, Bar on the Hill has beanbags. If that isn’t an invitation to fall asleep on campus, I don’t know what is. Many a uni student has been photographed here taking a well-deserved nap after acing a test or downing a carton of beer.

Comfort level: Similar to lying on a fluffy, white cloud in Heaven. Until you realise that you are in fact not in Heaven because some inconsiderate people have starting playing a game of pool and disturbed your slumber.

Rating: 3 Heaven clouds out of 5.


Number 3: The Flower Room

If you’re thinking “is that as relaxing as it sounds?” then no.1 we’re on the same wavelength and should be friends, and no.2 you are absolutely correct, newly established friend! The Flower Room in the Auchmuty Library comes in at number three on our list.

It’s argued that power naps improve productivity so if anyone tries to wake/move you, let them know that they are interrupting your creative flow and they’ll be hearing from your lawyers. (*Disclaimer: I do not endorse suing people for waking a sleeping person).

Comfort level: Serenity, all the serenity. With nobody making loud noises, this is an optimal spot for a sneaky snooze.

Rating: 4 productive study sessions out of 5.


Number 2: Lounges in the AIC and Auchmuty Library

The libraries make another comeback taking out the number two position! But really, it’s easy to see why. The convenience of a lounge in a quiet area with the soothing sounds of fingers typing on keyboards is enough to send anyone to sleep.

Lounges in general around campus should be used more for nap-time. Take Mark Goetz for example, who was snapped taking a nap in the Brennan Room. That’s the face of a smart napper.

Mark Goetz


Comfort level: Up there with your own bed, only without the ability to turn off the lights.

Rating: 4 happy Mark faces out of 5.

And finally we’ve come to the number one spot on campus for sleeping. And the trophy goes to…


Number 1: CT202

This lecture theatre has it all and the guys at the PEOPLE SLEEPING AT NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY Facebook page say it is a strong offender with sleepers because of the optimal lighting and temperature. Being able to nap in class takes some skill but with enough practice, you will get there.

The guys at the page also say that, “sitting in the back row to try and hide sleeping habits is a futile action. You may as well go big or go home and sleep in the front row. Sleeping in the front row shows to the lecturer that you are the dominant partner in this relationship.”

Comfort level: CT202 has the best of all worlds: dim lights, foot rests (aka the chair in front), and a voice droning on in the background to lull you to sleep. Plus, the lecture should be recorded to watch later online so you aren’t missing out on much (unless of course you try to watch it back at home and fall asleep again).

Rating: 5 very tired/very bored/don’t understand the lecture students of out 5.



Feature Image: star5112 Flickr, no changes made.

Images 1 and 2: Mark Goetz, Alastair Anderberg, PEOPLE SLEEPING AT NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY

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