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Have you stuck to your new semester resolutions?

Bridie O’Shea is here to remind you of the New Semester Resolutions you were going to break at UON and how to get back on track for the rest of semester one. 

Got those post mid-semester break blues? Can’t see the semester finish line in sight? Kept those promises you made to your bright-eyed and naive self at the beginning of the year that you were going to work hard and not fall into a bleak wormhole of regret and despair questioning your very existance because you’ve left your 2000 word assignment to last minute? Yes? Maybe? Don’t want to admit it?

That’s a-okay. Because I forced encouraged the Yak team to admit it for you by coming face-to-face with the new semester resolutions that writer, Jack Moran, said we were all going to break.


Sarah W – “I don’t remember the last time I attended a lecture. The first week perhaps?”

Nadene – “Almost…I missed the first week but it’s the first week so it doesn’t really count.”

Jackie – “For the classes where attendance is marked, my attendance record is as regular as a Gordon Ramsay F bomb.”

Chelsea – “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away there may have been a Chelsea that attended every lecture. Alternate Universe Chelsea would have been a great student.”

Michaela – “I am an avid believer in Echo360, I learn much more. When you fall asleep in a lecture and have to be waken up by a stranger…Lets just say I’m a little frightened to attend them now.”


Those 8am lecture feels. Image via Facebook. People Sleeping at Newcastle University.

Get back on track!

Try making plans to meet up with friends either before or straight after your lecture. That way you may be more inclined to go to the lecture (if you’re already on campus you may as well go, right?). Even if you can’t make it to every lecture, check out if it is available on Echo360 and sit back and relax in the comfort of your own lounge.


Bre – “Nope still making sure they’re decent enough the night before.”

Georgia – “I didn’t do it the night before… I did it the night after.”

Thom – “Wait, we have an assignment due?”

Jackie – “If I said I don’t sweat every time I see the clock tick over to 11:55pm on nights when an assignment is due, I would be telling a bloody big lie.”

Chelsea – “Look, my assignments will always be in before 11:59 and that’s all that matters.”

Jack – “I mean like I haven’t handed anything in late this semester so that’s got to mean something right? Plus they’re normally finished by 10pm on the day so that’s not too late.”

Image via Tumblr jgjmk4-2

When all your tutors decide to have the same assignment due date. Image via Tumblr jgjmk4-2

Get back on track!

The urge to procrastinate is so strong *so strong*, but procrastinating until you have a panic attack is something we all want to avoid. Need help managing your time or sorting out a study plan? The friendly people at UON Student Central can point you in the right direction. You can give them a call on 49 2150 00 or shoot them an email at student-comms@newcastle.edu.au.


Sarah W – “I don’t drink caffeine.”

Georgia – “Was never going to happen. Give me all the caffeine.”

Nadene – “Coffee is the worst, of course.”

Thom – “I beg your pardon?!

Jack – “I can’t stand the taste of coffee and I’m paranoid that if I have an energy drink my liver will automatically fail so this wasn’t really one of my resolutions.”

Michaela – “My main source of caffeine is Green Tea, but I will never give that up. My world would fall apart.”

I'm going to learn you a thing

Awarding winning essay writing. Image via Twitter @hmnes33

Get back on track!

Cutting back on caffeine doesn’t mean cutting out caffeine. Maybe instead of having five RedBulls when pulling an overnighter, try bringing it down to one. It’s not about depriving yourself of your favourite caffeinated beverage, it’s about moderation.


Sarah W – “Yes and no… (mostly no).”

Bre – “Tried to but I failed over Easter.”

Georgia – “Currently on my second bowl of pasta; will probably have a third.”

Jackie – “If eating healthier means adding that questionable sachet of dehydrated veggies to my 2 minute noodles, then yes.”

Chelsea – “Yeah, nah – Ancient Australian Proverb.”

Jack – “I like fruit and salads plus I don’t really drink alcohol ever but I also go to Pinkies at least once a day when I’m at uni to buy my customary snacks of pretzels and Mentos, so I’m probably not doing too well.”

Get back on track!

Eating healthy on a budget can be difficult when you’re out and about (#studentstruggles), so why not try bringing your lunch from home? UON Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics Clare Collins told UON Newsroom that those who spent the most time cooking meals ate more fruit and vegetables and spent less money on food away from home, compared with those who didn’t spend time cooking.


Bre – “Always saving!”

Thom – “Spending money is way more fun. I could get hit by a bus and die tomorrow, what good is savings then?”

Jackie – “I would like to think so, but there’s no hiding the daily deliveries of online shopping. I swear the delivery man gets his haul of a morning and instinctively drives to my house.”

Chelsea – “I could do this… but I could also buy my entire wardrobe off of Showpo and book spontaneous holidays ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ”

Michaela – “It’s never been a strength of mine and it probably never will. But, I just started planning to spend a year in Europe and the UK… I really shouldn’t have bought all those clothes.”

Image via Tumblr aryalemonde

Can you win gold at the Olympics for this? Image via Tumblr aryalemonde

Get back on track!

Setting up a savings account which you can transfer money into online but only access in a bank (*GASP* *HORROR* physical banks are still a thing) is a great way to curb that impulse shopping. There is a Newcastle Permanent Building Society in the Shortland Building, and a Commonwealth Bank near Bar on the Hill for all your banking needs.


Sarah W – “And nope.”

Georgia – “I rode my bike to buy junk food, that’s exercise right?”

Nadene – “I’ve been planning on joining the gym since the semester started…7 weeks later still haven’t stepped foot inside the place.”

Jackie – “Okay I have a newly-arrived delivery of activewear (see confesh #5) so that’s my motivation to go to the gym…. tomorrow.”

Chelsea – “I’ll have you know that I did a spin class at The Forum the other day. My body should love me now, right?”

Jack – “I started playing quidditch and that’s fairly intensive exercise.”

Michaela – “Kayla Itsines will be the death of me.”

Image via Tumblr panicattheswiftie

Image via Tumblr panicattheswiftie

Get back on track!

Don’t expect yourself to go to the gym or for a run everyday of the week. Set realistic goals. Both Callaghan and Ourimbah campus’ have fantastic gym facilities for you to get a sneaky gym sesh in before class. Don’t want to spend money on a membership? No worries, Callaghan campus also has a free 5km parkrun on Saturday at 8am for you to get your sweat on. Getting back on track could even mean something as simple as parking further away from your class than usual, so you have to walk a little more. See, doesn’t need to be big changes, every little bit counts.

How did you go? Have you kept your semester resolutions? If yes, well done you! If no, don’t worry, there’s still another eight weeks to go to get back on track. Hopefully this is the kick we all need to finish off the semester with a bang.


Feature Image: Flickr, Brett Jordan, some changes made.

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