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Graduating UON checklist

Michaela Wagland asks students what they think is a ‘must do’ before finishing university.  

Is the semester break truly over?

It’s a sad thought to comprehend I must say. For some, semester two brings yet another obstacle we must conquer in order to obtain our degree. But for others, semester two, once completed of course, brings the end of university life!

For those lucky students, your endurance will finally be worth it. When you receive that P, C, D or dare I even say it, HD, an entire new chapter of your life begins and that’s pretty damn exciting.

You may be planning that trip overseas, or planning to jump straight into your chosen profession or planning to binge watch that new Netflix series that proves to be the biggest distraction all semester. You may even simply just want to lay on the beach and contemplate your next life move.

Whatever your desires may be, the thought of gradation (and the party that may follow it) is incredibly exhilarating. But before you float away on that cloud we all so crave, it seems there are a few things you must do before leaving UON.

I questioned a bunch of students on their thoughts on what every student should do before graduating. Ultimately, I present to you the following:

Be certain that you can actually graduate on time 

It is worth contacting the Program Convenor for your degree just to be certain you’ve completed all academic requirements that are needed in order to graduate. That small peace of mind is much better than realising you may have to stay longer…

Compile your CV 

Even just give it some thought for those who require one. If you are unsure about any aspect of the job finding process, contact UON Careers Services. Take a glance at the Careers, Jobs and Your Future page also. They provide an incredible amount of support.

Research potential jobs 

A little obvious? Perhaps. But for those who aren’t unbelievably organised and haven’t begun constructing their professional paths, a little research can’t hurt.

Grab an issue of Yak 

(I didn’t tell this student to say that.)

Attend Autonomy Day 

There are no words. Fun doesn’t even come close. You’re a genius if you’ve enrolled in classes that aren’t on a Friday. And yes, you can attend as alumni.

See a live show at Bar on the Hill 

We have an amazing venue right at our fingertips.

Eat lunch with a ‘jug’ at Bar on the Hill 

Jug of cider with a burger and chips? Affordable and delicious.

Eat from The Bakehouse 

“You’ve clearly been living under a rock if you haven’t eaten there.”

Finally talk to that attractive person in your lecture/tutorial 

You may never see them after graduation if the response is not what you hoped for. But who knows what might come of it. Perhaps don’t dwell on all the time wasted daydreaming about the two of you riding off into the sunset when you should have been listening to your tutor…

Catch Pokémon 

This was mentioned many times.

So there you have it. A few things you should certainly do before leaving UON behind. In no way are these the only things either as UON is abundant in fantastic activities.

While soon-to-be graduating students may have more pressing issues on their mind (such as passing) we hope these small pointers will leave you with #noregrets from your time at university.

Yak sends the greatest amount of luck to those commencing their final semester at UON.

Feature Image: by Jackie Brock.

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