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Say Yes to ‘Stress Less’

Sarah James takes a look at the huge array of events occurring this October designed to make students ‘Stress Less’.

In just under five weeks the exam period will begin.

*Cue freakout*

Where did all the time go? Suddenly binging Stranger Things instead of catching up on all that uni work seems like a poor decision. (Just kidding, who could regret Stranger Things.)

At times like this, you just want to surround yourself with comfort food and all the puppies in the world.

via Giphy.

Accurate depiction of hiding from exam stress. Via Giphy.

Thankfully, UON has recognised students’ cravings for animal cuddles and has brought back Stress Less Week, but this time, with a twist.

Rather than the fun-filled events being crammed into Week 12 or 13, they will be spread out across Callaghan campus over four weeks. According to Student Central’s Fiona Mundie, these changes were implemented as “too many people are on placement during the last week of semester”.

No more will students have to deal with the dreaded FOMO from having exams or commitments clash with the joys of Stress Less.

So what exactly do you have to look forward to?

On Thursday 6th October, events will focus on finding your inner zen and best preparing for the stressful period ahead. Free yoga classes, massages and study snack packs will be on offer, as well as study tips from various student support services.

The real highlight though according to Fiona, will be the Comp Sci Chill Zone. Essentially, you get to lay back in a hammock while hooked up to a virtual reality (VR) headset.

“Students will be able to chill out in the hammock and use the VR headset to transport them to a relaxing beach scene,” Fiona said.

Belated Eurotrip anyone?

Don’t miss the chance to get up close and personal with fan favourites, the rescue Greyhounds, on Tuesday 11th October. Nothing relieves stress better than a cuddle from one of these softies.

And what do we love as much as cuddling animals? Parties! Yes, you’ve heard right, Yak Media will be celebrating their 5th birthday in the Sculpture Garden (Hunter side) from 11am-2pm on 11th October. With cake, a photo booth, balloons and heaps of lolly bags be sure to head over and revel in the party vibes.

As Nutrition Week coincides with the third week of Stress Less, events on Wednesday 19th October will focus around food. Yaass. Just because it’s exam time, it doesn’t mean you have to resort to 2 min cup noodles every day. Nutritionists will be on campus helping students craft their own DIY noodle box. This involves working out the healthiest ratio of vegetables to noodles to protein. Double Yaass. For those with more of a sweet tooth, check out the cupcake decorating stall.

The real highlight of Stress Less is the huge carnival planned for Thursday 27th October. If you can think of it, it’ll be there. Cue more cuddly animals.

“Everyone loves the petting zoo. Their brains explode,” Fiona said.

In addition to the too-cute-for-this-world animals, in true carnival spirit there will be popcorn, hotdogs, fairy floss and the veggie club!

Basically, the carnival is all of our childhood dreams come true. Dodgem cars, a climbing wall, an inflatable obstacle course and boxing, a bungee trampoline, bubble soccer, laser tag, a giant water slide, and face painting are just a handful of the activities planned.

A full list of events can be found here.

Transporting yourself to a time where exams don’t exist has never been easier.

And to all the Ourimbah students, no need to fret, a cornucopia of events for Stress Less are coming your way, running from the 17th to the 21st of October.

Feature Image courtesy of Student Central.

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