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Why you should rock up early to Live On The Lawn

Okay. I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m often guilty of the whole; “What time does the show start? …Huh, yeah, but what time does the headliner actually go on?” attitude. We all are.

Surely you’ve been the one rocking up at 10pm for the headliner at 10:30pm, with just enough time to grab a drink, squeeze through the crowd and start nodding your head along to the beat. You’ve gotta be ready to be in it for the long haul, time your drinks, (and the subsequent bathroom breaks), and buddy up with a reliable mate that will hold your spot in between sets so that you’re ready to jump around like a maniac when your favourite band jumps on stage.

The mini-fest takes stamina, grace, and a whole ‘lotta determination to come out as the punter on top. You could be that punter. Because unlike most local gigs and festivals, a few our own get the red-hot go of jumping up on stage and banging out with the best of them. Think of this as your pocket guide explaining why you should rock up early to Live On The Lawn.

1. The Beer Is Cheap

Sometimes being a student can be ridiculously tough, and the financial burdens of Uni life don’t make it any easier… We definitely deserve some perks. The folks at Bar on the Hill have come a long way in sweetening the deal for students purchasing beer. This wonderful affordability is sure to ease you into the Saturday evening with just enough pizazz to have the best time ever.

2. The Bar on the Hill will make your Saturday feel like a delicious Sunday sesh, without the bad vibes of Monday hanging over your head.

Picture it. The delicious warm autumn sun is blanketing the afternoon in a nostalgic warm glow as your roll through the gates, grab a beer and find a spot on the lawn. For the older kids, it reminds you of the time when it was still the Brewery; and you had the tenacity to party like every night was a Saturday night. You might be a little more reserved these days but… Is there actually a better way to spend a Saturday night than hanging out at a wonderful gig without the worry and hassle of facing your responsibilities? The next day is Sunday. Your responsibilities are as far away as first semester exams…

3. Split Feed

Of course, the real attraction of Live On The Lawn is getting to see local artists perform. If you haven’t heard of Split Feed by now, you’re in for an absolute hoot and a half. They’ve definitely been a staple in and around the local live music scene, and have seen plenty of Triple J Love. Indie punk vibes with a twist. Straight up. Oh, and as an added bonus, the winners of the recent UoN Bandcomp will be joining the lineup – as well as Lawson, the winner of UoN’s DJ comp.

4. The Treehouse Children

Hi, yes, hello! Readership, meet your new favourite band: The Treehouse Children. These guys dropped a killer single earlier in the year, aptly named ‘Woo’. The guys are tight, amazing live, and will stuff your ears with infectious indie-pop vibes that will have you dancing around like you’re living the dream (because you will be, I assure you).

5. It’s like ’97 and ’01 and the team needs you

Look. Here’s my final stitch effort. You should already have enough reasons under your belt to enjoy the full force of what Live On The Lawn has to offer, but here’s one last reason. No Novocastrian – wannabe or born-and-bred – can turn a blind eye to the red and blue, no matter what team you support. So make like the boys did in ’97 and ’01, rock up early, and give it your everything.

After all, the team needs you… Maybe just leave out skating shirtless down King Street. Or not. Whatever floats your boat.

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