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Uni Band Comp Heats Up: Round Three

Laura Kebby looks at the amazing local artists performing at the UON Band Comp’s third round.

With any competition things are always bound to heat up, and the UON band comp has been no exception. Another handful of wonderful acts took to the stage, blowing the judges away and reminding us of the sheer depth of talent our town and campus has to offer.

Bravo Victor:

You heard it here first folks, this bass and voice duo are phenomenal. With a truly beautiful set full of original tunes, and breathtaking vocals that demonstrated a true passion for the craft, the pair secured first place. The win was a unanimous decision from the seven-strong judging panel.

Yev Kassen

The frontman from one of Newy’s finest indie-rock acts Dave fronted the crowd solo and gave a really incredible acoustic performance. Every track packed a proper punch, tugged on some emotional heartstrings, and showcased some incredible songwriting. A lack of a backing band definitely didn’t mean a lack of substance, and the performance secured him a solid second place.


I have never seen a bassist with such energy, pizazz or tenacity on stage. The four piece had a whole lot of heart and soul behind their music and really impressed the crowd. A really great undercover rock-and-roll vibe definitely came through, and they obviously really wanted to play, which is always a positive. The competition was fierce, but I have a feeling these guys finished up a very close third.

Kat Waria

Kat made her second appearance on stage for the evening, stringing a series of emotional originals and covers together for her performance. Her voice was delicate, the guitar was a great backing, and the words were sincere and heartfelt. Overall, a really solid performance from the singer-songwriter.

Jacob Ridgeway

A humble, down-to-earth performer with a great voice, Jacob’s performance was incredibly solid and his songwriting was intimate and personal, removing the barrier that so often exists between artist and the crowd. Accompanied by Kat on guitar, he expressed himself freely and connected really well.


So, there you have it – another round done and dusted with just the grand final to come! Head on down to Bar On The Hill next Wednesday to back your favourite act, and answer the question we’re all dying to know the answer to:

“Who will walk away with the coveted UON Band Comp crown?”



Feature image: Suvan Chowdhury via Stocksnap.io, no changes made.

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