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What’s new at the UON bars?

Bar on the Hill and Godfrey Tanner bar have recently been revamped so this week Yak TV takes you through the history and the future of the two iconic UON bars.

Two of UON’s most iconic spots are the Bar On The Hill and the Godfrey Tanner Bar. They’ve been havens for Callaghan students, providing a spot to relax and catch up with friends as well as playing host to some phenomenal music acts over the years.

There has, however, been a bit of a shakeup at the bars in recent years. Last year, students were shocked when Bar On The Hill announced it would no longer be serving alcohol except during events. This meant a temporary end to the tradition of midday beers between lectures for many students. When Yak talked to UON’s Infrastructure and Facilities Services about the change last year, they said that it was a stage in the University’s plans to outsource the bars on campus to external providers.

That process has come to fruition this year with both of the bars being newly managed by the team behind the Cambridge Hotel and The Edwards. Yak TV spoke with some of the staff operating the bars to get the low down on what they’re planning for UON’s iconic establishments.

“Our role here is to bring that student engagement back to Bar on the Hill and to give students the sense of place and somewhere to go and experience community within the University,” said bar management’s Angus Harper. “We’re trying to do some form of event basically every night at the start of the week.”

Those events include smaller, quieter events like trivia and bingo as well as larger-scale events like Autonomy Day, Toga Party and the End of Year Party. Another big focus is bringing live music events and concerts back to the bars.

“Bar on the Hill is definitely an iconic live music venue,” said Greg Matthew who helps handle the events and music touring side of the bars’ operations. “I mean it’s unearthed a lot great Australian talent.” He said that they’re looking to be a platform for these local bands while also making sure the venue has a consistent stream of acts performing.

To that end, every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday they’re doing midday live music and are looking for local artists to play original songs and covers. If you’re interested, then contact Bar On The Hill’s Facebook page for more information.

If you want to know more about the changes and just see what’s new at the bars, check them out. While successes like a recent sell-out Smith Street Band gig at Bar On The Hill are a good early indicator,  time will tell if the new management team can succeed in reinvigorating Callaghan’s bars.

Video Credits:

  • Director: Gabe Parker
  • Camera/ Editor: Katrina Hailstone
  • Audio: Edward TeBay
  • Production Assistant: Mitchell Catt
  • Presenter: Layla Beech
  • Interviewees:; Angus Harper, Greg Matthew
  • Additional Reporting: Jack Moran

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