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Uni Revue 2017: A Lukewarm Clap well deserved

Monique Aganovic reviews Uni Revue 2017: Lukewarm Clap.

As the lights dimmed to signal the start of the finale show of Uni Revue 2017 I found myself wondering what to expect from the student led performance. Returning for its second year after a long hiatus the Uni Revue is a performance written and performed by students throughout the Festival of Autonomy. Unlike the Law or Med Revue, the uni revue is written and performed by students from varying fields across UON.

The cast of 2017’s Revue, led by director Jordan Grant, excelled at navigating the worlds of politics and the media in this post-Trump/Turnbull world. They created humour where, at times, it felt a little too real, but hilarious none-the-less. There were spot-on impressions and somewhat scarily accurate visions for the future, and through it all the cast kept the laughs alive.

The show flipped between scathing social comments and flippant song parodies, the lyrics of which would resonate with any UON student, regardless of age, gender, or degree. The flow and rhythm of the skits was well-timed and thought out, so the audience was never left waiting long between laughs, a testament to the staging (led by Emma Gethings). Perhaps the best example of this was the short but sweet “Law Abiding Citizen Man” skits, in which the high standard of the comedic timing was put on display.

The true talent of the cast and crew shines through from their excellent delivery. Knowing that the pieces were written by the cast brings a real authenticity to the show, and the acting itself was a reflection of the standard of writing and talent amongst the crew.

Whilst the entire 13-person cast was excellent, it would be remiss of me not to mention the startlingly funny acting duo of Reid McManus and Roger Ly. The pair bounced off of each other so well, and produced the loudest laughs of the night. Their skits were perfect and no two characters ever felt the same. They brought a sense of wonderment to each role they embodied, and kept the audience laughing long after they had left the stage.

In this writer’s opinion, the Uni Revue is a tradition that should continue to expand, and one day hopefully thrive, throughout UON. The Festival of Autonomy is a chance for UON to showcase its rich history, and what better way to do that than watch a bunch of your talented peers get up on a stage and joke their way through sixty minutes? When the cast and crew of Uni Revue are this great, there’s no excuse to miss it in 2018.

Feature Image: Reid McManus


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