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New Summer Song for your 2020 Uni Break: Rod Coote’s ‘Summer Sun’

Ready for the sounds of summer? Phoebe Metcalfe breaks down Rod Coote’s musical year and offers an insight into the new track, “Summer Sun”.

University of Newcastle student, Rod Coote, has had a very productive year in his music career. With his track ‘Ghost Town’ released less than a month ago, Rod is set to bring us a new summer bop on the 4th of December.

Rod’s folk/pop influences are derived from acts such as Dustin Tebbutt, Bon Iver, and Ben Howard, with a mainstream melody you’d hear from Vance Joy, Dean Lewis, or Shawn Mendes.

“I’ve always been a fan of both folk music and indie-pop music.”

Rod had initially written this track pre-COVID, however, with time outside being limited for most of this year the meaning behind the lyrics began to change for him.

“I truly began appreciating those small glimpses of time in the sun either spent in lonesome, with my partner, exercising or walking the dog.”

“The initial concept was inspired by deeply reflecting on some close relationships I’ve had with people throughout life with my immediate partner, friends, and family, and explored how their presence had warm energy which metaphorically resembled a ‘Summer Sun’.”

‘Summer Sun’ is the epitome of the tune you’d have in the background of your main-character-summer-montage scene. With soft minimal instrumental backing, Rod’s falsetto shines through the track. You could almost smell the sea spray in the chorus.

But, while you’re waiting for ‘Summer Sun’ to drop, go check out Rod’s track ‘Ghost Town’.

“This track blends the initial intimacy of a folk song and slowly unfolds into a rad indie-rock vibe with pop melodies.”

After moving to Newcastle, Rod felt unfamiliar with the place he once called home on his return to Manilla, in rural NSW.

“I wanted this song to capture this experience and the feeling that you are a ‘ghost’ haunting a place that you once lived in, but am no longer.”

But as COVID-19 progressed, so to did the themes of the track. He began to draw parallels from his initial storyline to stepping outside his home in Newcastle during the pandemic.

“[I] was inspired by the eerie feeling of walking the empty streets during a very strange chapter of the year we call 2020.”

You can keep an eye out for Summer Sun to drop and keep up to date with Rod Coote, on his socials: InstagramFacebookSpotify, and Triple J Unearthed.

Feature Image: Single Artwork courtesy of Big Pigeon Publicity, no changes made.

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