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Choose the Right Drink Based on Your Degree

Have you ever wondered what drink you are based on what degree you study? Forget Buzzfeed, because Camilla Lian has you covered with the drink that matches your degree! 

For those of you that have stayed in your degree for a couple of years, immersing yourself in it, and have reached the point of no return – I bet you did not know that there exists a drink pairing with your current lifestyle. Well, today you are about to be enlightened because this stuff is really important for your student self-awareness. My apologies if your degree is missing from this list. Leave us a comment, and we might just ask our degree connoisseurs for an evaluation.

Bachelor of Philosophy – rooibos/spiced tea

Find a comfortable corner in a café with your philosophical friends, and pair your thoughts with an aromatic and rich fusion of spice. The warmth will soothe your existential worries, and allow for calm and open-minded discussion.

Bachelor of Engineering – espresso, or just slightly wet coffee grounds

Puh… You have had a tough week/month/year. We get it. You just need something to keep you awake after your incessant dreams about Laplace transform and thermodynamics. We suggest surrounding yourself with a group of equals, and that one person who just seems to get what is going on. Maybe, just maybe, your intense caffeine addiction will subside with the growing confidence that you can do this!

Bachelor of Speech Pathology – moscato

Look, for those of you who are not into sweet wines, you may just stick with a cider or something. When your degree revolves around helping those with a speech impairment, at the end of the day, you might just need a reason to shut your mouth and go, “Mmm, my tongue feels sticky.”

Doctor of Medicine – vodka soda

You have gotten past the ‘bachelor hump’, or maybe you are just about to. Who knows if you have finished this semester or trimester? However, one thing is for certain, you have learned the art of balance between taking care of yourself and getting utterly destroyed at the same time. That being said, who cares, your job is to tell other people how to take care of themselves, right?

Bachelor of Business/Commerce – beer, wine… Whatever is served at the networking event

Network, network, network. This is your life now, and leaving the right impression will be paramount. As there are a few sub-cultures in the Business and Commerce spheres, we recommend observing what your people do. If ever in doubt, red wine is often appreciated by beer drinkers and wine drinkers alike. Good luck!

Bachelor of Science – anything and everything

You probably got into science because of your extended curiosity into the building blocks of life and the universe. So let that little researcher in you explore. Perhaps even make a spreadsheet for evaluation and future discussion with your peers? Nothing is quite like a good conversation about mundane things and events.

Bachelor of Nursing – citrus water

This is a much-underestimated choice, which we think you might enjoy more than you thought. Future work laughs and conversations with your colleagues will no doubt happen around the preferred water supply. You will be exposed to lots of antiseptic chemicals and a dry and clinical atmosphere, and likely also some nausea-inducing experiences. Water, maybe with some citrus in it, could just be your saving grace.

Bachelor of Law – champagne/sparkling wine

After nearly having drowned in your 500+ pages of case studies and law paragraphs, you just need a happy pick-me-up. A decent and sophisticated atmosphere, some cheeky bubbles in your glass, and you are set for the weekend. No one will ever know that you just crawled out of your study den an hour ago.


Feature Image: ElevateBeer via Unsplash, no changes made.

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