A definitive ranking of all the pick ‘n’ mix lollies available at Pinkies

Pinkies would not be Pinkies without it’s Pick ‘n’ Mix station. Nadia D’Andrea tastes every single lolly and ranks them so you don’t have to. 



Most definitely the worst of them all. The only fruit lolly that would make you want to eat the real fruit.

Jelly Beans

Lacking in flavour, these weirdly taste all the same and are not that fun to eat. Except for the white ones, they are ok.


*tries one* hmm not as bad as everyone says *tries another* good God what have I done to myself???

Albeit proudly Australian, this is the grossest combination of lolly and chocolate of ALL TIME.

Jelly Babies

The most boring part out of a lolly party mix. Only gets eaten if there are no lollies left.

Musk Sticks

One is plenty, any more and it’s an assault to the tastebuds.


Personally, I love Bananas but even I have to admit that the texture makes the lolly feel like it has gone stale and the flavour is only so so.


Meh. No one hates them but no one loves them.

Red Clouds

Not as good as I remember. These were way better when I was a kid! *cries inside* Trying them as an adult makes you realise how little these have in sourness and flavour. However, they stain your tongue which brings back some childish fun.


It’s the lolly only adults and very few kids enjoy (me) a perfect blend of chocolate and licorice in such a small size that the licorice isn’t overbearing. However, eat enough of these bad boys and you will be pooing like crazy (I OD on these at a school camp trip, very embarrassing).

Strawberries & Cream

Creamy and smooth, Strawberries & Creams are never disappointing. It brings the joy of a Red Frog and the milky yumminess of milk bottles into one heavenly drop.


Snakes are delicious; however, snakes don’t have that satisfaction factor that I crave for after a study meltdown.


A fun take on chocolate: crunchy and oh so satisfying. Points deducted as the 100s and 1000s can get stuck in your teeth.

Killer Pythons

Snakes but better. Can’t argue with that.


Its everything Red Clouds tried to be. Constantly overlooked, Ears are chewy and delightfully sour.

Cola Bottles

Not as sour as Ears but that cola flavour is unbeatable.

Red Licorice Twists

Superior to black licorice, these red twists are fun to eat. Quite plastic to touch, but they make up for this in their chewability and flavour.

Gummy Bears

So cute and so much fun to eat. Gummy Bears are 100% satisfaction.

Sour Worms

Major points for nostalgia: so many childhood memories are attached to these lollies. I wish Trolli would make a packet of sour worms that are only the pink and blue ones.

Red Frogs

An Aussie staple: who would dare turn down a Red Frog? Bring Red Frogs to any study sesh and you are guaranteed to be loved by everyone.

Feature Image: Matt Schwartz  via unsplash.com 


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