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Types of People at The Library

It is the end of the semester and let’s face it, most of us are practically living at the library. Claire Ince and Elizabeth Symington compile a list of the types of people you will encounter (most are annoying but please do not take offence)

The Group Who Won’t Shut Up


These people can quite literally be the bane of your existence. There is nothing worse than heading to the library to get some work done and being rudely distracted by a group of people that will not shut up.

We don’t care that your sports team is winning, nor do we want to hear about your love life. If you’ve never experienced this, there is a large possibility that you need to look in the mirror and learn to be more considerate.

Take the conversation elsewhere. Have some respect.

The Earphone Forgetter


This person is almost as bad as the group who won’t shut up. I do not want to listen to your lecture with you, nor do I want to hear your horrible taste in music.

Look, I’ve forgotten my earphones many times, but never once has it crossed my mind to play something at full volume in a library full of people who are trying to be productive.

I respect that you have an important assignment, Kevin, but so do I, and it does not involve listening to your lecture.

If you forget your earphones, go home or do something else, no one wants to hear your crap.

The Sleeper


I actually have a lot of respect for these people. The fear of ending up on the ‘Sleeping at Newcastle University‘ Facebook page has stopped me from taking a much needed micro nap on many occasions, so I truly admire your confidence.

Leave them be. Clearly, they are on struggle street so be quiet and let them catch some z’s (I’m looking at you, the group who won’t shut up).

The Stress Panicker


Imagine the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, but worse.

These people eat, sleep and breathe stress. You can tell by their uneven breathing and furious typing that they are not having a good time.

My piece of advice is to try and avoid sharing a table with them. They’ll only suck you into their stress spiral, and you will never be the same again. Though there are no studies to prove this, stress is infectious.  

Hey, Can You Watch My Stuff?

watchtheirstuff1 (1).png

An open letter to the people who ask you to watch their stuff and disappear for two or more hours; 

Can you please learn to….. not?

I’ve done a very unselfish thing by vowing to protect your valuables from thieving hands, and this is the thanks I get? May as well put me behind bars, Karen, because that’s about as much freedom you have just given me.

Why even go to the library when you aren’t even going to stay and study?

The table Hog


Look, I get it. We all love to post a nice study flat lay on Insta from time to time, #unilife #sostressed #studentproblems #iamdesperateforlikes.

But listen here, budding influencer. My entire future kind of depends on the outcome of the exam I’m currently attempting to study for. So, as queen Ariana Grande once said; I’MA NEED SPACE.

Also, if you are alone and sitting at a table made for six, I hate you. You are the reason I get eaten by mosquitos.

The Loud Eater


The library is absolutely not the place for potato chips, corn chips, sweet potato chips, kale chips, Pringles, toast, carrot sticks, apples, celery, or really any kind of food at all.

I’ll learn to tolerate you in the learning lounge and group study zones, but if you walk into the silent zone with a bag of Dorito’s, watch out. I don’t exactly have the time or balls to confront you, but just know that you are being judged.

The Cryer


There are two types of cryers.

To those that are crying because of their uni work – honestly, same.

To those that are crying because of the love life or personal problem – get out, the library is not the place for you.

These people are overly emotional and struggle to hide it, but hey they are comfortable crying in front of other people so that kind of makes them a legend, they don’t care what you think or maybe they do care and they want your support – get up from behind your computer Henry and ask if they are ok!

Images designed by Anneka Mitchell

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