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How to Maintain Motivation Throughout Semester

Motivation will always be fleeting, especially during second semester. But there are some simple ways to help maintain it past those first few weeks of classes. Emily Wind shares some tips that will help to get you through the upcoming months of study.

1. Create semester goals

It’s a good idea to create some short-term goals at the beginning of each semester. These will keep you focused and give you something rewarding to work towards throughout the coming months. They could be anything– attending all your lectures in person, achieving a HD grade, or packing your lunch instead of buying it. Just make sure it’s achievable in the timespan; unrealistic goals lead to anything but motivation.

2. Indulge in new uni supplies

I don’t know about you, but getting new uni supplies always makes me feel motivated and refreshed. Buying a bulk pack of pens and notepads at Coles is definitely cheaper, but why not treat yourself to a special stationery item? It might be just what you need to get that study-mojo back, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

3. Visualise your assignments

Assignments are the biggest motivation killer. No matter how focused you’ve stayed in the first few weeks of semester, once assignments hit around Week 6, it’s easy to fall completely out of whack. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of your assignments from Week 1. I’ve found it helpful to visualise my assignments on my wall. I wrote down every assignment I have on a sticky note (different colours for different courses) and stuck them above my desk. Yes, it can be a tad overwhelming, but you definitely won’t forget what deadline is coming up soon. Plus, it is so rewarding to take each sticky note down as you complete the assignments.

4. Find a new place to study

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to get some motivation back. Always studying at your desk in your room? Try heading to a café, or the uni library. Maybe even head to a different campus for a change of pace if that’s what you need. Changing up your workplace frequently can help minimise procrastination.

5. Utilise the mid-semester break

I know, I know. Studying is the last thing you want to be doing during the mid-semester break. But if you’ve been falling behind on work, or want to get a head start on the coming weeks, the mid-semester break can be the perfect opportunity to get back on track. At the very least it will save you a bit of stress in those hectic last few weeks.

6. Talk to someone when you’re struggling

Keeping up with uni is hard enough as it is, but when life throws you some curveballs it can become really overwhelming. It’s important to prioritise your mental health and talk to someone when things get tough. Counsellors are great to vent to and can provide practical coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and troubling events in your life. Whether you need to talk about an extreme hardship or are simply just not coping with the study workload, talking to someone can take some of the weight off your shoulders and make motivation come a bit easier. You can access the universities counselling services here.

7. Reward yourself

Motivation is bound to disappear if you don’t reward yourself for your hard work throughout the semester. Take a night off here are there to spend time with friends and family, go out for a meal, or binge watch that show you’ve had on your Netflix list for weeks. You deserve it!

Feature Image: Emma Matthews via Unsplash, no changes made.

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