Student Elections at UON – How do they work and how can you get involved

The Student Elections have arrived at UON. Hollie Hughes has got your back with a rundown on how you can be involved.

Here at UON, various elections are held throughout the year including those for University Council, Academic Senate, Student Unions, and Faculty Boards.

These elections are important as the student voice is a key voice and ensuring that students are able to have a say in important decisions made at UON is vital.

The University invites all students who want to lead and contribute to get involved. Students who are elected into a position are expected to attend regular meetings, read meeting papers, engage in discussions with fellow councillors, and share their unique perspective as a student.

All students eligible to nominate or to vote in student elections will be sent an email outlining the electoral process. In the majority of cases, voting occurs through the ‘Surveys’ function in the myUON portal and all responses are kept confidential.

Acting University Secretary and Returning Officer, Dr Michael Dowzer, outlines the significance of UON elections. ‘Providing an outstanding student experience is central to what we do at the University of Newcastle. To provide this experience, the University needs a range of mechanisms to hear and engage with the student voice. Hearing the student voice is essential when we discuss how the University operates, how we teach, undertake research, and how students learn.’

This year’s elections for the 2020 Student Advisory Council (SAC) are being held from the 9th to the 20th of March. This election comes after actions taken by the three student associations of UON (NUPSA, NUSA and Yourimbah) collaborating on a project to create a single student association at the University, one that will represent and support all students.

To assist the new Association to establish itself, the SAC has altered its membership to match the new Association. Students elected to the SAC in 2020 will transition to become the first members of the new Association’s Student Representative Council (SRC).

Although nominations for positions for this election have now closed, keep an eye on your University email account for instructions on how to vote for candidates and for more information about future elections.

To find out more about UON student elections please visit;

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