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To Change Or Not To Change?

Realised you enrolled in a course that really isn’t for you and decided you want to change? Leanne Elliott can help get you started.

There’s a lot of reasons people end up changing courses. But if you find yourself wanting to change courses, the most important thing is to get the ball rolling.

You only have the first two weeks of Semester/Trimester to add a course via MyHub. If you were unable to do this, then you need to complete a Late Enrolment Application form and get approval from the Course Coordinator.

To change courses simply login to your MyHub account, then go to My Course Enrolment. Select the Find Courses button to find the course you want to transfer to and complete the enrolment process.

Now, to drop the course you are changing from, on the My Course Enrolment page select the Drop Course link (top/left). Tick the box of the course you want to drop, click the Drop Selected Courses button and follow the prompts.

To make sure you are enrolled in the correct courses it is a good idea to check the My Course Enrolment page again when you are done. You will also have to manage your timetable and re-select your class times.

You also cannot enrol in courses after the Census date unless there has been an administrative error or you can demonstrate that you have experienced adverse circumstances which prevented you from enrolling before the Census date. For more information visit AskUON or to apply for late enrolment download the Application to Enrol in a Course after Census Date form.

And remember, if you do not want to receive a financial penalty, you must drop your course before the following dates:

Semester 1, 2020 – Friday 5 June 2020
Semester 2, 2020 – Friday 30 November 2020
Trimester 1, 2020 – Friday 17 April 2020
Trimester 2, 2020 – Friday 31 July 2020
Trimester 3, 2020 – Friday 13 November 2020


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Still unsure about what to do and want to speak with someone who can help? Why not drop into a Student Hub to get some program advice from a Student Advisor? Alternatively, you can give Student Central a call on 02 4921 500 for Callaghan, 02 4348 4030 for Ourimbah, or email them at AskUON@newcastle.edu.au.

If it is the course content you are having issues with, I highly recommend chatting to your Course Coordinator or a Program Advisor before changing.

For more information and resources about changing courses, visit UoN’s Change Your Enrolment page, Program Advice page, How to Enrol page, or just AskUON.

Feature Image By: Giftpundits.com via Pexels.com, no changes made.




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