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Putting Your Best Foot Forward When Starting at UON

Still struggling to adjust to that student life? Keighley Bradford has some words of advice for starting off at UON on the right foot.

It’s a few weeks into the semester and you’ve probably got your life sorted, but for those still struggling to adjust to the Uni lifestyle, here are some tips and tricks to making the most of your time at UON.

Be Transport Ready
It’s not a myth that the first few weeks of Uni are the worst when it comes to finding a place to park on campus. If the crawling traffic and limited parking spaces doesn’t persuade you to find alternative transport (and you’re on campus more than one day per week) we suggest arriving early in the morning and investing in a parking permit to save you just that little bit of extra time (which will be better spent running to that class that you’re already thirty-minutes late for).

Aside from driving, UON is equipped with bike hubs and racks for those who like to ride. UON also offers free transport around campus with the security shuttle service, as well as between Callaghan and NU Space campuses via shuttle bus services running about every 30 minutes.

If you’re a full-time student, you also have the option to apply for concession for half-price fares for trains, buses, and the light rail! You can apply for concession consent via MyHub, then apply at NSW Transport for your concession Opal Card and/or Travel Entitlement Card.

Connect with UON on Socials
It goes without saying that the best place to get UON-related news is from your trusty team at Yak (*wink wink*). But for those who like to have their bases covered, we recommend following the UON student media peeps at The Monthly OPUS and UON Navigator. And, to ensure that you don’t miss out on a single thing, make sure you’re following UON Student Central – they’re your first port for UON gigs, happenings, and campus-wide notices.

You can also follow and engage with UON on Instagram (#uninewcastle #uonstudents) and Twitter (#UON). There are dozens of UON accounts depending on facilities/schools helping you tailor content to your desire.

Join a Club and/or Society
With over 100 clubs to UON, there is almost something for everybody, and if there isn’t something to your liking, you can always start a club! It’s a great way to meet new, like-mind people while getting involved with your UON community. Most clubs will have a small joining fee (usually around one to two dollars) while others won’t, however, as memberships typically last until O-Week the following year, this means that for a small-to-non-existent-fee you get to year-round access to an excuse to procrastinate your studies (or you know, socialise with human beings).

Join the UON Facebook Groups
Nothing screams community than joining one of the thousands of online groups, and don’t be surprised that UON has a heap of them too. For freshers, we recommend that you join UON Student Central’s “New To UON” group, and for both new and continuing student, why not check out Textbooks at UON? Also, do a little search and see if your facility/school has an unofficial group – these are usually filled with alumni and current students who are happy to help answer questions about assessments, and sometimes even promote jobs and volunteer opportunities. 

Image Source: bruce mars from Pexels, no changes made.



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