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Support for UON Students

UON has recently announced its strategies in helping support their students during these trying times. Leanne Elliott has the latest guide on how to access these resources.

COVID-19 has had an immense impact on university students. Many classes have been moved online, and some students have had their employment hours dramatically reduced, or have been stood down until further notice. And then there is coping with the isolation.

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The University of Newcastle is showing a huge amount of support for students during the Covid19 disruption, including:

  1. Temporary access to software including Adobe Creative Cloud, AUTODESK and AVID.
  2. Student loans ($2000 interest-free) for students who can pay back a loan over a 12-month period.
  3. Limited food and fuel vouchers are available. Students experiencing hardship can also visit UON libraries, Student Living, or Student Central to get food coupons which can be used to buy lunch from on-campus retailers. Also, students at Callaghan needing assistance with evening meals can contact, but make sure you contact them before 12 noon on the day you will need to begin collecting your meals.
  4. Students are encouraged to sign up for the government stimulus package. Students who are already receiving Centrelink payments will receive additional payment(s) in April.
  5. Access external support services which can also help with food and utility bills.
  6. Check out this helpful guide to studying at home.

University of Newcastle COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund

On Wednesday 1st April, UON informed students it has established a “$1 million University of Newcastle COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund”, which aims to support student emergency needs, such as assistance with bills, meals, and emergency accommodation.

It is expected UON will provide more information next week about student eligibility and how the Hardship Fund will be allocated.

Adverse Circumstances and Assessment Extensions

UON also recently announced that due to the COVID-19 disruption it has agreed to two changes to Adverse Circumstances applications:

  1. Semester one students do not need to submit health certification when submitting adverse circumstances applications.
  2. Semester one students have also been given an automatic 14 calendar day extension on ONE individual assessment/assignment per course. This extension does not apply to tests, examination, timed assessments (e.g. online quizzes), and group work.

Students using the 14-day extension simply need to write COVID-19 Automatic Extension and submit the assessment/assignment within 14 days of the original due date.

Students needing more than a 14-day extension should use the standard adverse circumstances application process. If you are unsure about this extension process, students should probably check with their tutor.

Extending Easter Break

UON has also announced the coming Easter recess will be extended from 13 April to 27 April 2020.

Students should be aware there will be limited services between 13 April to 27 April 2020. The university will be providing more information regarding services closer to the break, so make sure you check your emails for details.

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The 27 April to 1 May 2020 will also be a non-teaching week, meaning there will be no classes during this time, so students are encouraged to use this extra week to catch up on course work and assessments.

Student Wellbeing

Students struggling to cope with their study during this time can give the awesome staff at Student Central a call to find out what your options are.

Students who would like some added support can access a Wellbeing Advisor/Counsellor on 4921 6622 or access after hour support (5pm to 9am, or 24 hours during weekends and public holiday) via the University Crisis Support Line on 1300 653 007 or by texting 0488 884 165

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on the latest COVID-19 information and updates on the university website.


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