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COVID Couture

Got all dolled-up but have nowhere to go thanks to Iso? Join Phoebe Metcalfe in the new (bin) isolation (outing) craze.

Amidst the loneliness of isolation one Facebook group has brought almost one million people together with comedy and creativity. ‘Bin Isolation Outing‘ was founded on the 28th March 2020 by Danielle Askew after being dared by her friend to dress up on bin night and share the photo online. Now, millions of people worldwide have joined the fun by breaking the monotony of bin night and contributed photographs and videos to all social media platforms.

My fellow Yaks dared me, a first-year UON Communication Student, to hop on the trend. So, I have taken advantage of my time outside isolation and served you three different looks, for three different bin night situations you might find yourself in.


Elevated Pyjamas

Vibe: “I just spent way too long practising my makeup alone in my room, but I can’t be bothered going out”

The Elevated Pyjamas look is for those who get a little too embarrassed leaving the house in their sleepwear. The look is comprised of a BIG W satin nightie (a bit pricey at $18) under a black satin metal-boned corset (thank you dress-up box), paired with thigh-high black velvet boots. I accessorised the look with a white hair towel and “gold” hoops because no look is complete without accessories.

Recycle Queen

Vibe: “Coloured sprinkles on burnt toast”

The Recycle Queen is my go-to for bin night. This is the style you want to present to any unsuspecting court members while taking out the recycling last minute. Much more simplistic than the last look, this one only has a few elements. Firstly, you need a formal gown you haven’t worn in six years, paired with some dusty heels you haven’t had an excuse to wear since isolation began. Optionally, you can include jewellery, or, if you’re feeling up to it, you can make a crown! (Mine is made of a chocolate box from Easter).

Sleeping Beauty?

Vibe: “I woke up at 4 am and remembered I didn’t take the bins out”

This one is relatively self-explanatory and VERY EDGY. Who has the time to put on acceptable clothes when you’ve awoken from a rubbish related nightmare? Embrace the chaos! An oversized hand-me-down jumper and hippy pants, bare feet, bed head, and a handmade cotton mask (aesthetic use only) make up this moody and casually cohesive bin fashion. Go to sleep with a full face of makeup to really sell this look.



This whole afternoon was stupid fun! The production brought out most of the curious residents on my street from the confines of their houses for a good stare and a big laugh. I would absolutely recommend this as a once a week isolation activity.

You’re not alone in this rubbish adventure. Share the smiles.


Photography by Filmed by Andy, edited by Phoebe Metcalfe Photography.



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