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Blankets on a Budget

Winter is here and the urge to snuggle down on the lounge is at an all-time high. Jayme Zimmermann delves into the best blankets on a budget, rating these blankest by feel, price, and comfort factor.


Jacquard-weave Throw: $29.99

This blanket is incredibly soft and lightweight, but it still manages to keep you warm. It is on the more expensive side, but it does feel very high quality and honestly, I’m obsessed with the colour. It’s a comfortable size for one person, with the only real negative being it’s not the best sharing blanket. But I do think you’re getting great value for your money with this product.



Chunky Waffle Blanket: (Single) $30, (Queen) $40

A dense and heavy blanket which makes you feel very snuggled and covered, which I love! This blanket is textured and made of cotton, which is soft, but obviously being cotton it does lack; though I still think it’s quite comfortable. I would recommend getting the queen size as I think for an extra $10 the bigger size is worth it.


Big W

House & Home Single Mink Blanket – Wisteria: $29

Exceptionally soft and surprisingly thicker than expected, this blanket is very warm and snugly. It is a large blanket and for the quality, the price is good value. I like the size, colour, and fluffy feel of the soft fabric. Though, it does warm you up fast, so if you are prone to getting too hot, too quickly, this may not be the blanket for you.


Bed, Bath N’ Table

Maple Throw Morgan & Finch: $34.95

This blanket is uniquely textured but feels quite soft. I personally love the colours available and the unique bohemian pattern. I also love the fact that not only is this blanket nice to use to keep warm but also looks the most decorative. It is quite pricey, and I do think there are blankets better for the sake of comfort.



Soft Touch Blanket – Double/Queen Bed, Musk: $14

I’m not going to beat around the bush, I love this blanket. So soft and fluffy. I love the colour and the durability of the fabric. The price and size make it great value for money. This blanket is extremely comfortable, snugly, and warm. (So cheap and 100% worth it).



Lyla Throw – Siera: $12

Very soft and light fabric blanket, with a nice coloured and textured look. The price makes it a good value for your money, but it is only light, so if you are looking for a thick, warm blanket, this one may not be the one for you.



Living Space Eddy Super Soft Throw: $15

This is a plush, soft, and fluffy blanket. It has a wide selection of colour options and for the price, I think it’s so worth it. The size is great and for the price it’s definitely a steal!


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