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How to Online Date and Stay Alive

Jayme Zimmermann discusses how to online date during a pandemic, what you should be aware of, and how to stay safe.

Online dating isn’t always easy, but it is easily accessible and allows individuals to be instantly connected with others with just a match. However, in our current climate, people need to make sure they’re also safe and protected from COVID-19 when it comes to face to face contact with new people.

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it and it’s more important then ever to make sure people don’t expose themselves to unnecessary risks. Online dating is good for this, as you can get to know people virtually and can determine the risks in person contact would be depending on where the individual lives, their occupation, or who they’ve had contact with.

Dr Gery Karantza from Psychology Today says:

“COVID-19 is a potential game-changer for the dating world— but not in a new way. It’s what I call “back to the future.” In days gone by, the idea that you would seek out multiple potential matches at the same time and go out on multiple dates was not the norm. In today’s dating world this is far more common — the drive to meet and to test the physical and emotional chemistry amongst a number of suitors is a powerful force for some. But once upon a time, accessibility to dozens of potential mates was not an option. You would meet someone, either on a night out, in a workplace, or at college. And often, this occurred through a friend, family member, or acquaintance. Although some dates may have felt like a waste of time, you took the opportunity to chat to someone, learn about them and for an attraction to develop not only by what they said, but by what they didn’t say; their emotional expression, body language, social etiquette, values and alike.”

Dr Karantza highlights a great point, the ease of online dating does, in my opinion, throw out some of the old basic fun that came with meeting people in person and has replaced it with a plethora of people you can meet with just a click of a button. You’re judged immediately on your appearance and your bio, and relationships (if any) form from that.

The scary thing is, how many people are aware, and are they taking the precautions when it comes to online dating? You really can only know by communicating how safe you are to people you’re potentially meeting face to face.

Dating apps, such as Bumble, have options to add that you’re COVID safe on your profile but many others don’t have options like this in place. I cannot stress enough; IT IS IMPORTANT TO COMMUNICATE ABOUT YOUR COVID SAFETY WHEN MEETING NEW PEOPLE OR DON’T MEET NEW PEOPLE AT ALL. To some this may all be common sense, but especially with the second wave of new COVID cases and restrictions most likely being reinstated as a result, it’s pivotal for people to stay safe to stop the spread.


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