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Your Go-To Takeaways For Any Mood

Don’t feel like cooking? Had a huge night out? Charolette Lloyd has your guide to local food, for any mood.

I know we have all fallen victim of not being bothered to cook dinner, and to be honest, having to come up with something new and exciting night after night is entirely exhausting. However, there is something that is both our friend and our enemy. It helps us in the best and worst of times, and often leave us feeling either happily satisfied, or full of regret…takeaway.

There are some instances where you can’t help but self-indulge, whether after a night out, on your own, or with some friends. The idea of takeaway is often quick, easy, and solves all the deliberating about what you want to have. There is a food for every mood! Newcastle has it all, or almost all. Takeaway is only a quick drive away, down to the local shopping center, or even into town for a slightly more expensive, but definitely more delicious meal.

The After A Night Out Meal

For some reason, having a drink, or maybe a few too many drinks, leaves you feeling thirsty at the very least (despite the copious amounts of liquids which have entered your body), and even more than that…HUNGRY! Whether this is an actual phenomenon, or, if we are just made to believe we are hungry, from all the dancing and adrenaline, but I don’t know anyone who does not either crave food after they’ve been out on the town.

Newcastle is very well known for the club and takeaway associations. but in case you’ve never heard of them, here is a little insight. At the local Hotel Jesmond or ‘Jeso,’ KFC is always on everyone’s mind when the lights switch-off at 12. What better way to finish off the night with a big old slice of oily regret we call KFC. However, I do have a couple of vegan and vegetarian friends who, much to my dismay, love some HJ’s for their bigger range.

On the other hand, if you’re out at the classic Kent in Hamilton, just across the road is Noodle Paradise and the Kebab shop, side by side beckoning you after an entertaining round of Karaoke. Seeing a line of people queuing for these infamous kebabs is nothing out of the ordinary. Or, the Exchange has some post-club food, and it is also a close enough walk if you’ve got your heart set on a juicy snack pack with friends.

One of the other very popular club and takeaway combos which go hand in hand is the King St club and bar scene and McDonald’s.  Here, you can party until 3am, almost guaranteeing Maccas will still be open for everyone despite the hour.

The Stressed-Out Fix

There have been many times when the pressure from exams or assessments can just get into your head. During these times, I often find myself messaging my friends or vice-versa and looking for an out…usually in food…always in food.

One of the most popular places I go with friends is Westfield Kotara rooftop A 10-15 minute drive from the Uni, with choices upon choices of cuisine. This place has been my best friend, despite the amount of money I have probably spent there without realising.

Most of the time San Churro have amazing deals for Uni students (hit up UniDays for these) and if you’re going with a group of friends, it actually turns out to be quite cheap… if you’re willing to share those oh so good chocolate dips. Otherwise, even if you are just going with one or 2 friends, there are always good food to choose from, and they also have a vegan chocolate dip.

On the actual rooftop itself, there are lots of choices, from burgers to noodles, Greek to Italian, Mexican and even a full-blown steakhouse. I always seem to gravitate towards Nandos or Grill’d, there are plenty of options to choose from. Even just for an hour or so, going with some friends to get food can be a little time away to clear your head and fill your tummy.

Quick And Easy

Despite where you are situated in Newcastle, or beyond, all of us can agree some nights it is just too much of an effort to cook dinner. Cooking can often feel like a chore, and while you put in all that effort cooking it, eating it takes half the time. On these days, a quick takeaway meal make our nights easier, quicker, and more fulfilling, because you didn’t have to spend half the night preparing it and the other half cleaning up.

One place you can duck to quickly which is close to the Uni is Stockland, Jesmond. Here they have a lane called ‘Eat Street,’ which has nearly everything for any mood. On a summer night there is pizza, fish and chips or even a classic Harry’s Schnitzel. Or, when you’re wanting something heavier, they have Chinese and Indian. They now also have Taco Bell, a new addition and crave-worthy fast food that is delicious to say the least. And, as I’ve said before HJ’s and KFC are also in sight if you wanting a cheap, cheeky go bucket. or a big, thick, creamy, cookies and cream milkshake, because why not.

I am mentioning these places because of their proximity to Callaghan campus, but if you’re closer to town there are many places I can suggest for when a takeaway is in order.

Close to Hamilton, Guzman y Gomez, and Zambrero’s are always delicious and satisfying if you’re after a Mexican feed and further into Newcastle CBD, Rascal’s opposite Civic Park is great for a classic burger and chips. All of these offer takeaways and sit in meals. Of course, if you are after brunch, sit in breakfast, or tasty lunch, there are a wide array of great cafes in and around Newcastle.

I know all of us have sworn we won’t get takeaway for a week, or for a certain number of days, but most of the time foretelling how we will feel at the end of the day is sometimes impossible. So whether you are stressed out, or not, why not grab your friends and indulge, the food is waiting, and who are you to turn away.

Feature Image: Madelyn Gardiner, Yak Media Designer


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