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Steamy Streaming Services: Which Platform Best Meet Your Needs?

Not sure which online streaming service is for you? Keighley Bradford is here to help with your guide popular to services. 

On-demand streaming services are the essence of our Zillennial lifestyles (seriously, when was the last time you watched free-to-air tv?). It’s our affordable link to the hottest flicks without the pricy price tag accompanied by a trip to the movies. Plus, thanks to our lovely *cough* not *cough* friend COVID, the ability to watch box-office hits from the comfort of our own home has become the norm. While this does make date nights a lot easier and cheaper to plan for (hell yes!), there is still the question of what to watch.

Most of us were born Netflix loyalists, though if you’re like me, from time to time the content library just doesn’t quite satisfy like it used to. So, if you’re looking to spice things in up with some new, fresh hot content, read on to see which streaming service you should be investing your money into.

The One Night Stan

Meet the Australian version of Netflix. Stan is the leading local player in the market and is essentially a carbon copy of the world-renown streaming service, only it’s locally focused (not global), so it’s only available in Australia. Stan happens to offer a very similar range of film choices to their competitor, with many big Hollywood titles stored on their content library. However, their list of TV shows is more unique and diverse in variety, particularly in relation to its Original content and acquired series. It’s also slightly cheaper than Netflix and offers a 30-day free trial.

Due to the similarities, if you’re over Netflix then Stan probably isn’t right for you – unless you’re seeking a new binge-worthy tv series, in which case, I highly recommend.

Free Trial: Yes (30 Days)
Cost: $10/month – $19/month

It’s Amazon Prime and A Good Time

Global commodity Amazon is known for many things and being a quality streaming service is beginning to become one of them. Prime Video is structured a little differently from your typical streaming on-demand service, with content available to rent and buy, not just stream. However, the content library range included with Prime Video is quite impressive – with Amazon Originals, Hollywood blockbusters, and even some quality lesser known titles that Netflix and Stan don’t offer. Instead of a tiered pricing program, there is just one subscription option offering maximum quality streaming. It’s an affordable price, notably cheaper than both Netflix and Stan, plus, the Prime membership gives you free shipping, access to exclusive deals on Amazon, and allows you to read a wide range of e-books for free.

I’ll admit that I was doubtful about the hype surrounding Prime Video at first, however, it happens to offer a most diverse range of content that is bound to have something to satisfy you.

Free Trial: Yes (30 Days)
Cost: 6.99/month or $59/year

The Disney+ and Thrust

If you love a Disney classic, then look no further than Disney+. With the company having removed  its collection from competing platforms upon release of its own streaming service, really, your only option is to stream from this platform – unless, of course, you want to kick it old school playing discs/cassettes on the DVD/VCR player (does anyone actually still have either of those?). The upside is that Disney+’s collection expands to include Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. Plus, for those of you who love a good Netflix Party, Disney+ offers an equivalent called ‘GroupWatch’. To top it off, Disney+ is reasonably priced with good value for money (I mean, did you see that content library collection list?).

Unfortunately, the lack of a trial option really kills the appeal of this service for me – but, hey, if Disney’s your thing, it might be worth the investment.

Free trial: No
Cost: $8.99/month or $89.99/year

The Classic Netflix and Chill

It’s the classic streaming service we all know and love. Netflix introduced us to the world of streaming on-demand, fueled our addiction to the luxurious lifestyle, and formed our cravings for fresh, hot new content like Netflix Originals. Our loyalty runs too deep for us to abandon the service now, and really, as the market leader, they’ve set the bar pretty high in regard to our expectations from all other services that have come after them. To top it off, they always have the hottest new content, so you’re never missing out on much.

Honestly, you really can’t beat Netflix. Sure, we may tire of it from time to time, but we’ll always crawl our way back home to it after straying to other services.

Free Trial: No
Cost: From $10.99/month – $19.99/month

Feature Image: Alice Kjoller, Yak Media Designer

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