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Just ‘Zillennial’ Things

Not sure if you’re a Millennial or part of Gen Z? Maybe you’re a Zillennial… Claire Ince explores the group on the cusp of two generations. 

For some very strange and indescribably weird reason, society seems to have a fascination with the idea of generations.

From Baby Boomers to Millennials, every generational name holds an unprecedented reputation that becomes the source material for meme after meme after meme.

But it’s not just that- we also love to identify ourselves with these labels.

Baby boomers love to talk about… fuel prices? and complain about how lazy and entitled the youngins’ are.

Millennials love to claim ownership of things like ‘Friends’ and collectively bag out baby boomers and the entirety of Gen Z.

And Gen Z is all about Tiktok, Hydro flasks, scrunchies, and saving the planet (which totally isn’t a bad thing).

But what happens when you don’t belong to a single generation?

Being that I was born in 1998, I’ve found myself to be part of this weird transitional generation, who don’t really fit the description of millennials or gen Z.

This intergeneration (formally known as ‘cuspers’ or ‘zillennials’) is constantly disregarded by the tight-knit millennial community as its members are slightly too young to relate to the generation’s identifying traits.

On the flipside, zillennials also feel misrepresented by the Gen Z community, and categorically feel too ‘uncool’ to participate in their culture.

And even though we know it doesn’t really matter, we want nothing more than a solid answer. So, instead of disregarding the validity of generations, we’ve simply created our own.

Here are some of the greatest tweets about the ‘Zillennial” culture.

1. Not being ‘down with the kids’ anymore.

2. Having to be told what’s cool and what’s not.

3. “Hey, do you remember when Squidward…”

4. ‘Special features’ being peak entertainment.

5. “Party rock is in the hooooouse toniiiiiiight!”

6. Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” and Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” were your preteen anthems.

7. Mourning the loss of your millennial status (also, getting your news from memes).

8. I am confusion.

9. HSM for the win.

10. This true test.

Feature Image: Annie Spratt via Unsplash, no changes made 

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