Not graduating with your friends? You’re not alone

Stuck at Uni while your friends graduate? Hollie Hughes explains why it’s not the end of the world and has some tips on making the most of your remaining time.

When your friends at University are graduating and you’re not, it can feel like you’re being left behind. Whether you took a semester off study, have to re-do a course or are studying a combined degree, having to stay at University while your friends graduate, look for jobs and move away can be disheartening. But it’s not all doom and gloom and you’re not alone.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your time at University even after your friends have graduated.

Enjoy a lighter workload

If you only have one or two subjects left to complete or you’ve studied part-time instead of full time, having a smaller workload can be the reward you didn’t know you needed. Having a smaller workload can mean more time for study to improve your GPA, work and extracurricular activities. We all know trying to juggle Uni, work and some type of a social life can be extremely difficult but having a smaller study load can really make the difference in making commitments manageable.

Expand your circle of friends and keep networking

With all of this spare time and not as many friends to spend it with after they’ve graduated, why not take this opportunity to reach out to come new people in your classes. While making new friends at University might seem like a task for first year, there’s nothing wrong with connecting with new people and making the most of your time before you go into the ‘real world’. Plus, who knows where the people in your cohort may end up and making friends with them now could serve as a networking opportunity your future self will thank you for.

Join a club or society

A great way to make new friends is through joining a club or society at UON. With over 100 registered clubs and societies you’re bound to find something which interests you and will connect you with likeminded people. Joining a club or society can definitely make your time at University more worthwhile and becoming part of the executive committee is a great way to gain extra skills. For more information see the UON website.

Now while these are all ways to enjoy your time at University after your friends have graduated, it is important to know what you have left to complete in order to finish your degree. Always consult your program advisor if you have any questions or concerns or even if you think you’re on the right track to graduate.

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