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Get Creative this Random Acts of Kindness Day

Be Kind

You may have missed Random Acts of Kindness Day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be kind to strangers. Jordan Regnis shares five ideas with a different perspective.

Random Acts of Kindness Day was on 17 February this year, you may have missed it! But there is still a whole range of kind things you could do on any other normal day.

Here are five unique ideas on ways you can brighten up someone else’s day, and even your own.

Reach out to someone you care about

This could be as simple as sending a text message or making a phone call to a friend, colleague, or loved one. Tell them what you admire most about them and how they have made a difference in your life, big or small, making someone’s day will instantly elevate your self-confidence.

Be kind to the environment

Plant a tree in your garden and give back to the environment. You will be amazed at how much satisfaction this can give you, watching a tree start as a seed in the ground and grow to a piece of nature that provides oxygen and cleans the air while providing shade on hot days.

Spend some quality time with a Senior

Talk to your grandparents and gain an interest in their own life experiences before you were born; look at how things were different in their life to your own. If you are interested in a period of history, they could potentially share their perspective with you.

Go to your favourite spot

You need kindness too! Take some time out of your day to go somewhere you enjoy. This could be a park, the beach, or even a local café. While there take some time to do something you want, this could be reading, writing, or listening to music.

Start a fundraiser

This can be as big or small as you like. Try, and assist a charity or business that resonates with you. One example includes donating food to a homeless shelter or providing clothes/shoes to those in need. Several websites already allow you to create your cause.

To find out more, scan the QR code to visit the RAKD website.

Tag us on Socials using the #MakeKindnessTheNorm hashtag, and share what you are doing to bring brightness to someone else’s day.

Feature image by Thirdman via Pexels

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