UON’s Honeysuckle Campus Development: What It Means For All Students

If you are anything like us, the new uni developments are very confusing, what actually is going where? Not to worry, Hollie Hughes breaks down exactly what is going on in the new Honeysuckle development.

The Newcastle City Council has agreed to move forward with the first stage of planning for the University of Newcastle’s Honeysuckle City Campus Development (HCCD). With new university related developments popping up over the last few years, what can we expect from this one?

What will the project be?

The project will see the construction of Newcastle’s first ‘Innovation Hub’ located in the heart of the CBD, housing contemporary facilities for students studying within the Creative Industries.

University of Newcastle Infrastructure and Facilities Services manager, Carole Mandicourt-Jones says, “the HCCD project is an excellent opportunity for the university to further its vision for innovation and excellence in higher education. (The development is) scheduled to be open to students and staff for use in Semester 1, 2021.”

What will the hub include?

Carole explains that “the CBD campus will hold vibrant state-of-the-art facilities, enriching the learning experiences of students. (The students) will be given the chance to gain valuable work experience within advanced studios and control room environments simulating real-life working environments.”

The announcement comes alongside the one-year anniversary of the university’s NeW Space campus development – with creative industries Faculty Convenor Brian Jones outlining his support for the plans of the new development.

“The NeW Space development continues to be a fundamental aspect of fostering the innovative learning of Creative Industries students at UON. With the addition of the Honeysuckle campus extending the school’s CBD presence,  more students will be encouraged to study the degree and work towards formulating Australia’s next big ideas right here in Newcastle.”

The University of Newcastle’s media centre says the new building will further strengthen the School of Creative Industries’ relationships with the local community and industry. This can be achieved by providing spaces for “interaction, collaboration, showcase and performance as well as delivering mutually-beneficial partnerships in industries encompassing music, graphic design, writing, media and visual arts.”

There are currently no plans to build a car park to accommodate for those who will visit the new campus, with the ‘HCCD Concept Plan’ relying on the use of public and active transport by all staff and students.

What does the community think?

First-year Creative Industries student Lindsay Jones studies at both Callaghan and NeW Space campuses and lives on the Central Coast.

“I understand the push for new innovation and development within the degree program, but once the campus is built I will have classes at three different campus locations which will be difficult considering I live outside the CBD and parking is a nightmare.”

“What makes things worse is I am planning to move on-campus next year in order to save money on my transport costs. As there are no on-campus accommodation facilities in the city, I will have to travel from Callaghan all the way into the CBD every time I have class.”

The developments plans reflect the university’s commitment to sustainable design and operations through the inclusion of a timber frame. The design has a lower environmental impact than traditional steel and concrete, as well as a targeted 5 ‘Green Star’ rating, solar power and  state-of-the-art rainwater capture, storage and reuse system.

Assistant Dean of Education, Mark Roxburgh believes, “The new Honeysuckle campus development will only further cultivate UoN’s creative industries faculty, with other schools located at Callaghan unfortunately yet to be considered to be offered at either of the CBD campuses.”

Echoing this point of view is second year Education (secondary teaching) student Annabelle Robertson.

“Having all my classes at Callaghan Campus can sometimes make me feel isolated especially with everything going on in the CBD. It would be great if the Honeysuckle Campus could offer some education courses considering creative industries students have access to the NeW Space campus as well.”

Newcastle Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes outlined that the development is a “significant leap forward for innovation-led economic growth and jobs diversification for Newcastle and the Greater Metropolitan area.”

“The NSW Government is supporting this project, investing  $4.8 million through the Hunter Infrastructure & Investment Fund.”

For more information on the development, visit or to provide feedback on the development email


Feature Image: Honeysuckle City Development via The University of Newcastle, no changes made.


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