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New, innovative course offered at UON

There’s an exciting new course at UON. Thomas Birch gives you the details. The University ...
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Evolution of a University Student

YakTV’s resident researcher follows around a Homo Studius, through his evolutionary lifecycle during a university ...
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Have you stuck to your new semester resolutions?

Bridie O’Shea is here to remind you of the New Semester Resolutions you were going to ...
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Productivity Hacks: how to become a master of productivity

Thomas Birch gives you some tips on how to be productive and get more things ...

Liam Hemsworth to study at UON

Students advised not to engage with reporters or paparazzi as Liam Hemsworth commences study at ...
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6 Hot Tips for Dressing for Uni

Georgia Mueck tells it exactly how it is when it comes to University fashion. WARNING: ...
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Breaking down the stigma attached to Uni degrees

Michaela Wagland explores the stigma surrounding University degrees, and how unnecessary it really is. It isn’t the ...
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Mistakes we all make in a share house

Sarah Webb is sure you can relate to all the mistakes she made during her first ...

Why the LANTITE is bullsh!t

Owen Harvey gets on his soapbox about the LANTITE for teaching students. Imagine that great ...
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Guide to the Hunter Building!

YAK TV shows you how to navigate around the University of Newcastle’s most problematic building!