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Uni Life

An International Students Guide to UoN Services

There are a range of services available through the University of Newcastle which can assist ...
Uni Life

How to Maintain Motivation Throughout Semester

Motivation will always be fleeting, especially during second semester. But there are some simple ways ...
Uni Life

The 7 Stages of a UON Friendship

Making real friends at uni is about as easy as having to switch between APA ...
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Busting Uni Myths

University and the HSC are not all they are made out to be. Claire Ince ...
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How to dress for uni | Practical fashion at UON

Regretting your outfit halfway through the day because despite being cute as hell it’s the ...
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Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Has the one week break set you three weeks back? Yak's got some tips to ...
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Adjusting to uni life for beginners

Sarah Webb is here to share some tips and resources for your first year at uni ...
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Evolution of a University Student

YakTV’s resident researcher follows around a Homo Studius, through his evolutionary lifecycle during a university ...
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Guide to the Hunter Building!

YAK TV shows you how to navigate around the University of Newcastle’s most problematic building!
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O Week 2016

In our first video of 2016, some old and new faces fill you in on ...