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Crafternoons with Bella – How to make your own candles

Isabella Batkovic gets arty and discovers five easy steps to candle-making.


It’s mid-semester break.

It’s Winter.

You’ve got more free time than ever before.

This means, it’s time to get arty!

After hearing many stories about fellow craft enthusiasts spending their weekends sewing curtains for their in-laws, or knitting scarves in one sitting, it got me aching for a making!

Q: What can be better than sitting in a room full of beautiful candles during the cold season?

A: Sitting in a room full of candles that you yourself went to the effort of making! (See what I did there….)

Let’s get melting!

What you will need:

Candle what you will need

– A bag of wax (paraffin is generally the cheapest and can be picked up from your local art store);

– Candlewicks;

– Crayons;

– Paddle pop sticks;

– Scissors;

– Saucepan or pot;

– Heat-safe bowls or containers

– old candle jar;

– Tape; and

– A stovetop.

Note: Fragrance oils can be quite expensive and difficult to source (online has the widest selection), but unscented candles are just as good (I think).

STEP 1- Measuring and melting the wax

Use the jar you have chosen for your candles as measuring devices. The rule is generally two times the amount of wax flakes to fill each container.

UntitledFill a saucepan or pot with boiled water to about the halfway mark. Place your wax flakes in their heat-safe bowls, then put these in the saucepan.

STEP 2- Adding colour to your candles

Before adding any colour, make sure you have peeled off any paper from the crayons you are utilising.


Start by adding little snippets of your preferred crayon to the melted mixture. If you only put in a small amount of crayon, the colour will be a soft pastel, but if you gradually add the entire thing, it will be a lot brighter.

lil crayons


STEP 3- Setting up your wicks

While the wax is melting, you can easily set up your wicks. Firstly, cut the strands you are going to use and dip them into the mixture. After these have dried, use tape to stick one end of the wick to the bottom of the candle jar.


Next, use the tape and paddle pop sticks you have acquired to hold the wick in place, preferably in the middle of the jar.

wick 2

STEP 4- Pouring the wax

After picking the spot you want your candles to set, slowly pour the hot containers of wax into your prepared jars.


STEP 5- Setting your candle

Allow approximately three-four hours for your candles to cool and solidify, preferably at room temperature.

stand wicky

Once they have set, remove the paddle pop sticks and tape, and cut the wicks to appropriate lengths.


Voilà! Not only have you got yourself some pretty kick-ass candles, but you’ve also got something cool to Tweet about and Instagram for the next hour; go forth my children! #crafternoon #bonappétit



Image: Oakley Originals, Flickr, no changes made.

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