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Light at the end of the exam tunnel

Michaela Wagland provides a small insight into what students can look forward to during and after the exam period.

I believe it is necessary to issue a congratulations to all those who have made it to Week 13. Although stress levels may be flaring and coffee consumption may be immeasurable, you have made it to the dreaded end of semester for which you should honor yourself with a small dose of self-praise.

Though the end of the exam period still may seem nothing more then a dream, it will be upon us in no time at all. To point this out is not intended to increase those stress levels but rather, to squeeze a slight amount of excitement into your already overloaded brain. Just to make you smile a little.

For a more positive thought to attach yourself to, we thought it would be of help to provide you with a list of what is on offer in our wonderful city of Newcastle during our most craved holiday period. We like to think of this as a form of post-exam recovery or activities for a study break.

(Please note that overseas holidays, although highly encouraged are excluded from this list. For obvious reasons, the majority already craves to travel the wilderness of the world and we will, once our bank accounts don’t make us want to cry when we look at them.)

Your post-exam recovery or study break needs:

Bar on the Hill


Image by Brooke Nash.

Being the remarkable university that UON is, it has placed an awesome form of a study break at everyone’s favorite UON hotspot, Bar on the Hill. If the incredible atmosphere of live music is what you live by then swing by the bar on the 16th of June as Australian rock band Karnivool will be making an appearance. Although this may be in the thick of exam pressure for some, it could be a wonderful study break!

For more details, the event is posted on UON Student Central’s Facebook.

With the campus quieting down for semester students in the holidays, we thought it might be of interest to some to provide a little overview of what is happening around Newcastle during the upcoming period.


 The Olive Tree Market

OLIVE TREE MARKETS - image by olive tree markets

Image by Olive Tree Market.

If you happen to be strolling near Civic Park, on the first Saturday of every month between 9am and 3pm, the Olive Tree Market would be quite a lovely distraction from study. You have the chance to experience an exciting mix of arts, crafts, food and music up until December but during exam period, you have Saturday the 4th of June and Saturday the 9th of July to take advantage of.

Take a glance at the Olive Tree Market website if you are curious.

Travelling Film Festival

Tower cinemas

Image by Tower Cinemas Newcastle Facebook page.

If your chosen activity for a study half time break is watching films, then perhaps you’d be interested in the Travelling Film Festival that is coming to Newcastle from Friday the 24th of June to Sunday the 26th of June. The Travelling Film Festival is the longest running film festival in Australia and allows you to experience an array of Australian and international feature films, short films and documentaries. The festival will be held at Tower Cinemas on King Street.

Check out The Travelling Film Festival Website for more information.


The Cambridge Musical Acts

CAMBRIDGE - image by the cambridge hotel

Image by The Cambridge Hotel.

If the live music at our very own Bar on the Hill reignited your love for live acts, be sure to glance at The Cambridge Hotel Gig Guide. Sometimes all the body needs is a great dance to some incredible music. What a way to spend a study break! Some acts are approaching quickly such Bag Raiders on June 1st, but others are spread throughout July such as Boo Seeka on July 8th. Whichever genre may tickle your musical fancy, take a small glance at the Gig Guide, it could be just the distraction you need.

So there you have it, a few suggestions that we believe may be of assistance in this intense time of study. However, if you are one of those lucky few who have acquired a seat on plane to somewhere exciting, then we wish you the best of luck in your travels and we are not at all jealous…

But for those remaining for the winter, your every desire may just be multiple blankets equipped with a television binge, in other words to literally Netflix and chill. But we hope these few suggestions provide you with alternative activities to consider as we cherish our freedom for the short time that we have.

Feature Image: from deviantart.com by reachwithyourmind. No changes made.


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