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5 Things to do This Uni Break

Stress and fatigue taking toll as the semester comes to an end? Laura Rumbel has ...
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Making The Most of Summer Break

Not sure what do do over the summer holidays? Yak is here to help!
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Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Has the one week break set you three weeks back? Yak's got some tips to ...
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Activities or Snacktivities: We know what you really did (we ...

Let’s be honest about what we really did during our university break, says Georgia Mueck. ...
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Light at the end of the exam tunnel

Michaela Wagland provides a small insight into what students can look forward to during and ...
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The end of uni woes

With all this ‘free’ time on our hands, Gunnaina Kohli rejoices (and regrets) the end ...
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What’s On in Week 7

Yak TV presents What's On for Week 7 at the University Of Newcastle.