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Making The Most of Summer Break

Not sure what do do over the summer holidays? Yak is here to help!

I Went To Japan And It Was OK

Going overseas isn't always the lifechanging experience that your friends' social media might show it ...
Uni Life

Light at the end of the exam tunnel

Michaela Wagland provides a small insight into what students can look forward to during and ...
Uni Life

Back 2 School: How To Beat Those Post-Holiday Blues

Thomas Birch gives you some valuable advice on how to get back into the swing ...
Uni Life

The end of uni woes

With all this ‘free’ time on our hands, Gunnaina Kohli rejoices (and regrets) the end ...

Game Review: Fallout 4

If you’re looking for a game to occupy all of your free time for the next ...
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How to have an authentic European summer at home

Madeline Link wants you to have #noregrets this mid-semester break. It’s the mid-semester break and ...

Festivus for the rest of us?

Melissa Wilson ponders the relevance of Christmas in our largely secular society.    When fictional ...
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In this week’s video, Sahib and Rebecca recap what happened in Green Week at UoN, ...