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Best Places to Secretly Binge-Watch Netflix at UON

Ever wanted to catch up on the latest Netflix original series while on campus, but haven’t for the fear of judgement? Meghan Richardson lists the best places to sneak in an episode (or 20).

It’s starting to reach my least favourite point in the semester; cry time.

This is the period when you have so many upcoming exams and assessments that rather than being productive and organised, you dissociate, cry, and mindlessly binge-watch your favourite television shows in a fruitless effort to relax.

Whether you prefer to watch Youtube, Netflix, Stan, or to just stare at your blank computer screen as you contemplate dropping out, here are the best spots at UON for hiding from the world and your responsibilities.

1. Underneath the mirror ball at level 2 of Auchmuty library, Callaghan campus

The most surreal and serene part of the university is definitely the random disco ball located near the Cultural Collections in the library. While this spot is quiet and dark and great for watching a tv show, its not great for an emotional breakdown because it’s a popular area and people will definitely see you crying.



2. Room X-804, Eighth Floor of the NeW Space Campus

This triangle-shaped room should be used for studying, but if worse comes to worst it’s a beautiful room that presents a unique opportunity for you to stare down at the city of Newcastle as you ask yourself why you’re wasting so much time while audio from The Bachelor crackles over your laptop speakers.


3. On the NeW Space Shuttle Bus

The best way to stop distracting yourself from the weird smells and overcrowding on the Shuttle Bus is to drown it all out with the sounds of your favourite Glee episode on the way to your next class. Crying is technically okay on the shuttle bus because everyone is already avoiding eye contact anyway.


4. Literally anywhere in University House

While technically conjoined to the NeW Space campus, University House is a world of its own. Where NeW Space is open, new, and busy; University House is cosy, old, and mostly deserted. While the building is a maze that’s easy to get lost in, it provides ample private places to sit for a binge-watching marathon without the risk of anyone judging you.


5.      Bar on the Hill

Bar on the Hill presents the opportunity to watch Netflix with a beer, burger, or coffee in your hand and what more could a university student ask for? I like to sit on the veranda with a bucket of hot chips as I rewatch Arrested Development for the 100th time. It’s a bit noisy though, so bring your good headphones. 

 Featured Image: Meghan Richardson

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