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Wondering why Iso Playlists are a thing? Charlotte Lloyd explains why we are turning to music during these trying times and recommends some playlists to match your mood.

Hey Siri, cue my iso playlist.

If you haven’t already, I applaud you. I myself have been one of the many creating an ISO playlist for…well…isolation. In the face of doubt, and with isolation still clinging onto us for dear life people have been turning to music seeking, happiness, motivation and comfort.

Aside from this, there are proven positives to listening to music, and while it may seem as though a lot of people turn to music only in times of sadness, this is not the only truth. Say hello to stress, our best friend during isolation (well mine anyway as a Uni student). Music is a massive de-stressor, following a little freakout, or possible panic attack, it is proven by listening to music people recover from the stress faster. and are able to cope better the next time around.

Music can also enhance motivation and improve endurance. This has been personally tested by myself. If you can go for a run without music, you are a super human for sure – but in all seriousness, scientists have discovered having a strong rhythmic beat can create a desire to run faster, longer ,and can even help to determine the pace.



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It is also a great mood-booster, and boy do I think we all need one or…ten of those at the moment. Making us feel happier is one of the most common benefits of music. It has been rated in its ability to help achieve a better mood and become more self-aware (which we also should probably do!).


And if you’re not feeling boosted after listening to some music don’t fret because another study found intentionally trying to boost your mood with music will start to take effect within two weeks (how good is that!). So in short, fake it till you make it!

There are more positives to music than I could ramble on about, but now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of music.

Choosing a playlist

Now while I understand there are a lot of Apple Music users out there, I am also quite biased as a Spotify user, and just as a disclaimer, songs are available on both streaming services. However, the playlists mentioned are exclusively available on Spotify. Below I will be going through a quick rundown of some playlists for different moods and some artists that feature on the playlists so our Apple Music readers don’t feel completely out of the loop.


I believe this is one of the most requested – if not the most requested – playlist that people are after. My go-to Spotify playlist for this will always be, without a doubt, ‘The Office Stereo’. Think artists like Harry Styles, Vera Blue, Maggie Rogers, King Princess, Dean Lewis, Thelma Plum, Benee, and more. My favourite song from the playlist at the moment is ‘Supalonley’ by Benee and Gus Dapperton. By listening to this you’re sure to stay focused, even when your phone is buzzing with social media notifications.


I know that isolation definitely isn’t the time to be the most productive version of yourself, but if you are looking for a workout playlist and don’t know where to start, I have you covered. Whatever the reason you’re dusting off those runners from your wardrobe, music to get you through is absolutely essential to get through your workout feeling more energised, motivated, and all in all, a lot less stressed about that damn essay sitting at home. The ultimate workout playlist that not only has banger after banger is ‘Workout’. At the end of each song this playlist moves straight onto the next song, which is amazing considering it means I don’t have to hear my heaving breath as I try to make it through my 5km run. It features artists like Taylor Swift, Halsey, Dua Lipa, and of course an all-round favourite…Harry Styles!

Also, thanks to our awesome team here at Yak, we have made a ‘Yak’s Sweat Sesh‘ playlist! All the songs were handpicked by our team and put together by one of our own, Josie Small. Although quite a small playlist, it’s all you need for a quick 30min-1hr workout with songs like ‘Don’t Stop Me Now,’ ‘Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels,’ ‘1999’ and ‘Savage’. It is the ultimate playlist for all the latest popular songs that are sure to keep you motivated for days.

Happy Vibes and Mood Boosters

Let’s be real, the playlists I’m about to list are mostly just great music and make me feel so good, good enough to have a dance party in my living room, and come on, if it can make you dance then it sits in the category of a mood booster for sure! One of my ultimate go to’s for good music and some flashbacks at the same time is Throwback Party’. This playlist has every song you forgot about, back to the ’60s, and that Pitbull song that basically defined your primary school days. It’s great for jamming to those loved, lost, and forgotten songs. They have artists like Whitney Houston, Elton John, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, and of course the one and only queen, Cher. This playlist gives you the illusion that you’re on pitch with Beyonce, even when it is far from the truth.

Isolation is not ideal for a year that I personally thought was going to be the best ever, but despite the world coming to a standstill (literally…we can’t leave the house) the world keeps turning… and so should we. So whack those headphones on and pick your ultimate playlist (according to my recommendations, of course!)

Feature Image: Daisy Peachman, Yak Media Designer

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