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The Show Must Go On

The need to entertain, to create, can’t be locked down. Jayme Zimmerman explores how creatives and entertainers are adapting their practices for your entertainment.

During the global pandemic we have seen the rise of virtual entertainment. Some creatives and entertainers have chosen this isolation time to create new works for the future, while some have decided to continue with shows, tutorials and performances but continue on an online platform to allow audiences new entertainment whilst stuck in isolation.

Lady Gaga put on the virtual concert ‘One World Together at Home’ on the 19th of April which really showed how artists can band together and put on a concert for a good cause. The concert included artists such as Lizzo, Adam Lambert, Delta Goodrem and many more. This concert allowed audiences to connect with their favourite artist and be banded together through this difficult time.

Currently the creative scene is booming across the globe and flooding the digital landscape. Here are some things you should check out:


Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Podcasts are on the rise, especially whilst being in isolation. There are Podcasts by influencers, comedians, entertainers and many more covering a wide array of different topics and themes. Some favourites of mine include Emsolation by Em Rusciano, Australian True Crime by Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb, and Yass Queen by Timberlina.

When restrictions were put in place in March, we saw lots of businesses close, including our beloved pubs and clubs. I know I’ve missed a cheeky drink, and now dance whilst in isolation. That’s why I started viewing DJ and band livestreams on Facebook and Instagram.

You can now listen and watch some of your favourite artists with just a click of a button. Also, due to the cancellation of many festivals and live concerts artists have turned to presenting virtual shows for their fans. I believe musicians and artists who choose to show their work virtually are amazing as it allows audiences to feel a sense of normalcy and as though they have not missed out on enjoying new exciting things from their favourite artists.

A lot of artists have also been churning out new content during isolation and are selling prints and merch of their art designs/ items. Patreon is a membership platform based in America which allows creators to run a subscription content service. It allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers. Lots of creatives use this site and of course it has gained more popularity as consumer content has shifted to online only.

Etsy is another site artists have been using to sell art and other handmade projects or vintage works, as well as through artists personal Instagram and Facebook accounts. These sites were all available and in use before COVID began but there has been a rise in their use as artists try to get their work out and make a living doing what they love during these hard times.

There are also currently options to watch live theatre and performance shows online. Sydney Theatre Company and Time Out Worldwide have options available to stream for free.  Also, there are Drag Shows from across the globe available to be viewed via streaming sites. Newcastle local Timberlina has a number of virtual shows running which include Drag Bingo, Blush and recently Timberlina has had a collaboration with local Drag Queen Molly Poppinz to showcase global drag talent, and it is currently available online to view- Blush X Misfits present Across the Pond. You can view Timber Productions for more information.

In our current social climate, the shift to virtual entertainment was a necessary one. These changes to move creative practices online were critical for entertainers and creatives to keep their practices alive. But it was also critical for audiences and consumers to be able to maintain some normalcy, and to also be able to receive new content from their favourite creatives during these difficult times.

Feature image by Alice Kjoller, Yak Media Designer


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