Avoid Semester One Stress By Getting Organised Early

View of Newcastle of University's City Campus. Sandstone wall with silver metal university logo and name, with the top four floor windows and a verandah in the background.

Starting university does not have to be stressful. Leanne Elliott has some helpful tips to help you get organised early.

Whether you are a new or returning student getting ready for a year of study can be, shall we say, a tad stressful. But, one way to avoid a stress induced melt down is by making sure you get organised early.

Example of how to organise your computer files. Image by Leanne Elliott.

There are a few easy things you can do to ensure you are off to a smooth start in your first week.

Perhaps the most important thing is, make sure you have a planner or calendar where you can mark down important dates, like census cut off or assessment due dates. Use your outlook calendar or do it the old fashioned way, in a diary or wall planner.

Ensure your laptop or mobile device is in good working order and you have enough space on your harddrive. And, setting up folders on your computer to keep your course material organised will save you hours in the long run. If you do have any issues with your device or logging into your account visit ServiceUON for loads of troubleshooting tips and information, or book an appointment at the Tech Bar.

It is also a good idea to get familiar with the universities online services. The MyUON website has basically everything you need in one spot, which makes it easy to navigate these services.

The University of Newcastle recently transitioned from Blackboard to Canvas as a course content platform. They have a lot of information for returning students needing to transition to the new platform, as well as guides to navigate the site.

If you have not been to campus yet, check the restrictions, and if possible why not see where your classes will be before your first week and take the opportunity to explore the venues and campus scenery.

Know your course contacts, such as lecturers and course coordinators, and keep their details handy. Get familiar with the universities support services, including, Counselling, Academic Learning Support, Student Progress Advisors, Careers Office, Health services, and Chaplaincy services. The support services available are staffed by amazing, knowledgeable and genuinely nice people who are there to help.

Find out what is on in and around our campuses. The UON website has loads of events happening throughout the year, or you can keep up to date via the various student media publications, Navigator, Opus and, of course, Yak Media.

Speaking of which, Yak Media has loads of articles about making the most out of your university experience, like stress-free parking, study tips, events & activities, and more.

Finally, the buttons below also have loads of information for students, so get clicking and get organised early.


Get organised by adding these important dates to your calendar.Your one stop shop for all of your study needs.Browse the security and safe services offered on campus.ty Want to get the most out of Canvas? Check out this useful information and tips.Find your way around our amazing campuses.Find out more about the different student associations at UON.Make friends and learn new skills by joining one of the many UON clubs or societies.Make the most out of your university experience by volunteering.









Feature image by Leanne Elliott, Staff Writer.

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