Could YOU be the next Captain Starlight?

The Starlight Foundation has brought smiles to children’s faces for over 30 years. Pat Alderton explains why the Starlight team at the John Hunter Hospital needs you.

Have you ever dreamt of being a real-life superhero? The Starlight Foundation can make that possible. Founded in the United States in 1982, the Starlight Foundation has expanded worldwide, bringing smiles to kids’ faces all over the globe.
Now one of the most reputable non-profit organisations worldwide, Starlight is consistently seeking ways to help and better the wellbeing of our youth. The Starlight Room at Newcastle’s John Hunter Hospital is one of the charity’s many locations which spread joy to the world’s youth.
Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced an unprecedented closing of the Starlight Room in 2020, and volunteers were forced to stop attending due to the health risks associated.
The program returned in mid-2021, with an immediate impact being had.
Currently, the team at the John Hunter Hospital is seeking professional performers to become a new member of the Captain Starlight team.
Captain Starlight uses performance-based skills to positively engage with children and is perfect for students looking to make a difference in the lives of kids while they study. The role will require improvisation, humour, creativity, and most of all a positive outlook on life.
So what are you waiting for? Captain Starlight is an amazing opportunity to give back in a way that could not be any more rewarding. The role is offered on a casual basis, so you can bring smiles to faces while still being able to study.
For more information on the application process visit this link.
It’s no secret that the past three years have been a challenging time for everyone. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have made seeing loved ones more difficult, and for some, nearly impossible.
This is one of the many reasons why being Captain Starlight is the perfect way to battle the pandemic blues.
The Starlight Foundation is one organisation that has not faltered in their mission to help ill children, offering social and emotional support to those who need it most.
If you have a background in the performing arts and think this role could be you, head here to apply , and you could join the Thors and Supermen of the world, making a difference with laughter and smiles, the true superpowers of life.

Feature image via Starlight Foundation, no changes made.

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