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Creatives to curate their best at Chromatic Festival

The Chromatic Festival is set to be a hit next month with a diverse range of creative works on display. Peter Hyslop speaks with organiser Giverny Burke to find out more.

The best creative work from students is set to be on display at the University’s Chromatic festival this November. Plenty of art exhibitions, and experiences, will be available for students and the public alike to see.

The Regal Cinema at Birmingham Gardens

The Regal Cinema at Birmingham Gardens

These include a Long Shorts movie night at the newly-opened Regal Cinema, and immersive “music soup” experiences to name a few. Expect to walk out a changed person.

Organiser Giverny Burke told Yak Media the festival is an opportunity to engage in the local creative community.

“It’s nice to build a bit community around the university- bring everyone in, have a great time, and celebrate,” Burke said.

“There aren’t lots of events for the HCISS school, so we’re hoping this can really kick off and be something for the people in those communities.

“My degree was four years as a double bachelor’s, 60-70% was done home alone. This is the first time for a lot of people on the team where we have a group project where everyone’s getting along and talking”


Organiser Giverny Burke

Aside from being a community experience, Burke says attending will make graduates feel proud of their work, and for current students, to be prepared for Work Integrated Learning, introduced from 2024.

“I think it’s important to make sure the festival is accessible to [all students]. With the addition of Work Integrated Learning in the coming years, we wanted to promote that with panels and workshops,” Burke said.

“People should come because they’re going to see what the students and the University is capable of, that you don’t hear much about.

“I think it will be really exciting to see lots of new and different ways to engage with the arts, and hopefully lots of industry professionals so it would be good to network”

For more information, visit the Chromatic Festival website.


Feature image taken from the Chromatic Festival Website, text rearranged.

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