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The end of uni woes

With all this ‘free’ time on our hands, Gunnaina Kohli rejoices (and regrets) the end of uni.

Exams and uni are well and truly over for 2015. For most of us, this is the heaven we were looking forward to; the post-exam freedom is finally here! We can now leave our Facebook accounts logged in and read as many Buzzfeed articles as we please. Suddenly, those “how not to procrastinate” and “how to be more productive” tabs can be closed and when you open your laptop, a blank screen greets you.

Heaven, this is what we dreamed of, remember?

But wait.

There is a strange atmosphere as you enter the house after your last exam. The smile on your face is replaced with a frown of suspicion and fear. A vague questioning of how the exam went is asked and your answer ignored.

You notice that the quiet and peacefulness is gone, and everyone around you, family or housemates, grants themselves the liberty to be as loud as they please. Your sister can play her music like she’s DJ at a 21st.

Your mum stops asking what you want for dinner.

Dad threatens to kick you out unless the trail of textbooks, pens and paper is cleaned up (I mean, who DOESN’T move around the house once they’re bored of/made too much mess in one room?).

You’re called in to work, and no, you may not have an extra break to “get your thoughts together.”

Confusion strikes, and all you can think of are those wonderful days you spent in your room, undisturbed, peaceful in your solitude. Empty trays of Tim Tams lay near your bin; you were too busy to put them in the bin. Your favourite homemade meals were delivered to your door, and you were asked if you wanted to relax by watching a movie with the family (or housemates). Relaxation was necessary, so of course you said ‘yes’. Your boss understood your stress and gave you the mindless jobs with extra breaks.

Oh for where art thou days!

Where have you left me? Alone and shattered?

Oh if only we could have STUVAC back…


Feature Image: Francis, no changes made.


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